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AA Family Meets and Greets After Registration

Molly Thompson
The Andrews Academy Student Association is known for putting together all the fun activities the school body participates in and they received a chance to prove their capabilities in the evening following registration.
The SA Meet and Greet – which was held behind the school – was the perfect opportunity for new and old students to reconnect and meet new people. Games like football, soccer, and the bean bag toss were available as more students began trickling in.
When it came time for the ice-breaker, many students began to get apprehensive. But the activity proved to be refreshingly fun and quite clever. Students were divided into classes, given frozen tee shirts and were challenged to literally “break the ice” and thaw out the shirts fast enough to wear them before the competing classes. With the incentive of going first in line for supper, the race was on. In the end, however, the Sophomores won the contest followed by the Freshmen, Juniors, and finally the Seniors.
The SA provided dinner for everyone who came and the PPI (Parents Positively Involved) donated ice cream floats for dessert. The SA then gathered everyone in two large circles where students rotated around and greeted each other.

Students enjoy the meal provided by the SA and the PPI.

When asked for feedback, there were mixed opinions from students. “At the Meet and Greet I met a lot of cool people and I enjoyed the program that SA prepared – also the food! I think the SA is doing a great job! I like the way that they treat new people. They are really friendly!” said An-Hee Jeong, senior.
However, there were some who disagreed about the SA’s first event. “It wasn’t as bad as last year’s. I think SA did better with the activities. Even though the going around in a circle was somewhat awkward, it wasn’t as bad as the shoe throw-in last year,” Grace Yoon, sophomore, stated.
Despite the reviews, Ben VanderWaal, the Student Association President, said, “As our first SA event, I was really impressed on how it turned out. We had a ton of people show up. We had good food and activities that kept people entertained but at the same time allowed room to meet new people and get back in touch with old friends.”
Though the students had opposing opinions, the school is already anticipating what the SA has in store for the next school event.

AA Hosts Children’s Christmas Party

It is rare to find anyone who will babysit for free – especially on a weekend.  Yet the SA Children’s Christmas Party had students doing just that – and having as much fun as the hyperactive children.

Three school days before the party, nearly thirty AA students signed up to bring gifts and spend time with fifteen K-3rd graders from area schools.

The evening began with myriads of small children anxiously rushing into the commons where SA member Hannah Mbungu directed them to their respective AA student sponsor. Shortly thereafter, the youngsters and students swarmed into the gym for rounds of group games like freeze-tag, monarch, and duck-duck-goose.

When the games in the gym ended early due to an unforeseen AU Jr. Cardinals practice, the hungry partygoers spilled into the commons for a supper consisting of pizza, cookies, and other hyperactivity-inducing junk food.

After the last cookie was consumed, an ear-splitting squeal erupted from the commons as a pillow-padded, santa-suit-clad Dillon Zimmerman ambled into view, where he was promptly climbed upon by all fifteen children who were eager to tear into their gifts. Once all the presents had been dealt out, there was a time for pictures and playing with presents as the children slowly filtered back to their parents, ending an exhausting, but exciting, Christmas party.



Storm Doesn’t Stop Students and Staff from Partying

Despite stormy weather, the Andrews Academy SA fall party carried on into the night. On October 30, students and faculty all met at Beaver Point for the first fall party off of school grounds to engage in a night filled with good times with friends, delicious food and riotous activities lasting from 5:00-7:30. These activities included a three-legged race, hay rides, a hanging doughnut-eating competition, and a pie-throwing contest with SA president John Henri as a target.

“It wasn’t the first time I’ve had pies thrown at me, but it was still really fun,” he reflected.  After the games were finished, all lined up to retrieve hot-dogs to roast over a fire – an activity that was extinguished along with the fire when rain invaded the party. This forced students to race or get rides to The Grove Park, where hay-rides, food service, and group games continued. Aside from disappointment due to rain, it seemed the general student response to the fall party was mainly positive.

Freshman Jenna Mann said “The activities were fun, but everything went with the rain.”

“I liked that they moved it to a new location so it wasn’t at school,” stated sophomore Emily Sherman. “The best part was the hay rides and the SA did a great job.”

An improvement some Academy members mentioned for the fall party was to host it on a night other than Sunday to avoid conflict with school preparation.

All things considered, it seems agreed that the changes in this year’s fall party –  in both location and weather – made for an eventful party.

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