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Andrews Music Programs Pack PMC, HPAC

For the first time in over five years, the Christmas music program “Feast of Lights” was coordinated by two music teachers: Mr. Graves and Mr. Flores. In addition to the Feast of Lights, this year marked the first Academy Christmas Pops concert, an evening of secular Christmas music which happened the following Saturday night.  Months were spent preparing the symphony orchestra, string orchestra, concert band, choir and silhouettes for the two concerts which, according to audience member interviews, was nothing less than professional.

This year’s Feast of Lights involved more advanced pieces for all the performers, including an eight-part collaboration between the Silhouettes and the string orchestra, with soloists Breanna Wood, Yewon Kim, Anhui (Annie) Jeong, Kelsey Robertson, and Bethany Goodwind. Both the string and symphony orchestras featured Gielle Kuhn on harp and performers from the Lake Michigan Youth Orchestra and the Andrews University Orchestra.

The Christmas Pops concert, held at the Howard Performing Arts Center, featured performances by the symphony orchestra, string orchestra, Silhouettes, concert band, a special music by John Henri Rorabeck, Cavan Miller and Jeshua Moore.

Drawing the evening to an exciting close, Mr. Graves conducted both the symphony orchestra and the concert band in the grand finale, Leroy Anderson’s rendition of Sleigh Ride.

The audience reaction to both concerts was very positive.  Many attendees admitted they were impressed with the complexity of the music selection, and although some students (privately) admitted mistakes made during the performances, this did not prevent them from captivating audiences and glorifying God.



Auto Mechanics: How They Roll


Most Andrews Academy students are more accustomed to seeing Mr. Anderson as he speed walks up and down the halls, but a smaller group has the pleasure of seeing him at work in his own habitat: the auto shop.

Mr. Anderson points out specific engine components.

This semester a small class called Personal Auto Care has seven guys and one girl. In this class they learn the basics of auto care and how to apply those skills to their family vehicles (or their own if they are fortunate enough to have their own vehicle). Some of the things they’re learning are how to change the oil, fix tires, check the battery, check brake pads, rotate tires, and other critical repairs.

John Henri jumps in for "repairs."

Typical class structure includes a lecture at the beginning of the period.  The remainder of the time, they practice and learn the correct techniques with hands-on experience with the supervision of Mr. Anderson’s eagle eye. These students practice their skills in groups of two on their appointed car for the semester. Those vehicles are donated to the school.

John Henri Rorabeck, a student in Personal Auto Care, says that he is glad to have had the opportunity to learn and apply this newfound knowledge. He reported that he actually changed the oil in his dad’s car all by himself. Impressive work.

Check out Personal Auto Care if you are interested in learning more about how to take care of your car and save some money.

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