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Cardinal Classic: Wins and losses

Each week every player on the Andrews Junior Cardinal teams work 8-12 hours in game and practice preparing for the The Cardinal (Newmyer) Classic. This is the 11th annual tournament, and the entire season is systematically built for this competition. Forty teams came from as far as California, Virginia & Canada to play the game they all love. Players are supposed to be at the peak of their performance; each team puts blood, sweat and tears on the court hoping to become the Classic Champions.

Saturday, February 5 the long awaited division 1 & 2 championship games took place. The night started out with the junior varsity boys playing against the varsity MCAC wildcats. The Cardinal boys had a nail-biting battle against this outside shooting team. Even though the JV came with a 4-0 record in the tournament, it was prospected that they were underdog because they were against a varsity homeschool team.

The game began rocky with several turnovers by the guards, losing a lead, but back to back three’s helped bring back the confidence of the boys. The JV boys won in the last minute with an ending score of 30-29 proving the crowd wrong. The boys executed exceptional defense, especially sophomore forward CJ Arthur. Offensive points were mainly scored by the Newmyer Classic MVP sophomore Guard Nate Greenhaw, who dropped 11 points.

The next game was the long-awaited division 1 girls championship game. The Cardinal girls teams have not been lucky in the past; this is the first time the girls have played for a championship. The girls faced the reigning champs, the MCAC Wildcats, who are one of the strongest offensive teams in the entire tournament, able to sink three’s from almost anywhere on the court with little space and time.

The Wildcats began the game with a bang, hitting a three pointer on the fly at the baseline, intimidating the girls. Senior captain Heidi Smoot was leading scorer for the night with 10 points. She hit the first few shots for the Cardinals to steady the game out. Defensive rebounds are what killed the game for the ladies and let the wildcats make second attempts at the very few shots they missed. It was a heartbreaking loss for the ladies who had a perfect record. 44-27 was the final score.

Senior captain and tournament MVP Taylor Ferris says, “Even though we lost and it’s heartbreaking, making it into the championship had not been done. We made history, and for that we are proud.”

The Varsity boys have participated in 10 of the 11 championship games and have taken home 1st place 9 of the 10 times. They are known for significant leads over their opponents, and they kept that legacy going this year.

The varsity men created a large lead from the start when tournament MVP’s Caleb Gomez and Mutungi Menani hit the first few shots. Considering their rough season up to this point, this was a glory moment for the boys, proving that they can pull together and produce. The boys placed 1st overall against rivals Collegedale Adventist Youth in Action (CAYA) Eagles with a 44-29 win.

Andrews Cardinals vs Kalamazoo Homeschool

By: Olivia Woodard

The AA Junior Cardinal basketball teams are half way through their season. All four teams (JVG,JVB,VG,VB) have gone to[gone to is weak- what about “competed”, a good, strong verb?] a tournament [date?]at our sister college, Southern, in Collegedale, Tennessee. The teams fought tirelessly, with little sleep and hectic schedules.

The Girls Varsity won the Championship for 1st place and the Boys Varsity brought home the 3rd place trophy. Each week every player on the teams works 6-8 hours in the gym preparing for our[their] upcoming tournament: The Cardinal (Newmyer) Classic. But before they get to that on February 4-6 there are several games ahead of them against some tough opponents. 2/4 of the game days there were this week were cancelled due to snow and hazard.

The games last night[date] were tight games. The night started off with the Junior Varsity boys, coached by Jim Dronen, challenging the Kalamazoo homeschool in a hard back and forth lead battle all night. Kalamazoo pulled ahead in the end for a tough loss of 47-51. The tough fight was helped by sophomore Nate Greenhaw’s 11 points, freshman Max Dronen’s 9 points, and junior Chris Nwoke’s 6 points.

Varsity boys, coached by Bryan von Dorpowski and Christopher Davisson, followed the JV game, competing against tough competitor Varsity Kalamazoo Homeschool. This game was a hard-fought battle, ending with a tied score of 34-34 at half-time. Seniors David Sherman and Joseph Bradley played fantastic defense, trying to pull the game back with two blocks. Varsity boys eventually fell to the Homeschool after the tireless fight, 47-60. Michael von Dorpowski, senior captain, scored the game high of 12 points followed by seniors Chelliot Osuntade (Captain) and Mutungi Menani with 7 points.

Andrews Cardinals vs MCAC Wildcats

By: Olivia Woodard

Monday night the Varsity boys and girls team faced long-time opponents, the MCAC Wildcats. The cardinals have a history with this team in both the regular season and the Cardinal (Newmyer) Classic. For the past 10 years, the MCAC Wildcat Varsity girls have been undefeated against the Cardinal Women. They have also won the Cardinal Classic numerous times and are the reigning champions and number one threat.

Monday night’s double header started off with the varsity girls who charged into man-to-man defense right away in an attempt to secure a lead, then moving in to 2-3 zone D.

The girls showed hustle rebounding and scrapping for the stray balls, which is what kept them in the game, against the wildcats wide range shooters.

The Cardinal girls were tied at the half, 19-19. After a pep talk, they were ready to finish with the W. Going back into a shifting 2-3 zone secured the game. This exceptional defense is what shut down the usually unstoppable offense from the wildcats, who are notorious for hitting deep three’s.

It was a rough back and forth lead, foul-filled game, but the Cardinal Ladies were victorious against this team for the first time in 10 years, resulting in a score of 30-28.

This was a primarily defensive game but senior captain, Antoinette Cave, scored the game high of 9 points along with co-captain Taylor Ferris sinking 6 points, pulling 5 boards, and dumping 3 assists.

The triple header concluded with the varsity boys who started off solid and played exceptional defense.

The Wildcats had a great shooting night, which made the Cardinals step up their game once again.

In the end of the fourth quarter, the Cardinals were ahead 3 points, but a foul put the game on the line. The Wildcats were allowed two free throws, which were both sunk. Andrew’s attempt to tighten the defense succeeded and the Cardinal varsity boys took their first win at home.

Senior captain Chelliot Osuntade was on fire and scored a career high of 21 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 block. Junior starting point guard, Caleb Gomez, scored 11 points, and tossed 2 dimes. Senior, Mutungi Menani, contributed offensively with 10 points and Senior Joseph Bradley III helped the team defensively with 7 rebounds.


Andrews Cardinals vs La Lumiere

By: Olivia Woodard

Thursday night the Junior cardinal teams played returning competitors La Lumiere from Laporte, Indiana. The results varied dramatically, starting off with the Junior Varsity boys, coached by Jim Dronen and John Dronen, against JV La Lumiere boys. Our boys played a well structured, fast paced game and blew out the other team 70-33, giving all the player’s equal opportunity to get good playing time and score on ease.

The next game on this cold Thursday night was the Varsity Girls, coached by Anthony Cave, assistant coach Christopher Davisson and Cardinal Alumna Hayley Smoot. The Cardinal girls were lacking players due to many people absent due to bible camp, so they had to pull up a few girls from the JV. It was hard fought and back and forth the entire time, but the La Lumiere girls pulled ahead in the fourth quarter for a devastating loss to the Varsity girls, 30-35. Senior Captain Taylor Ferris had the game high of 14 points followed by senior Olivia Woodard, with 8 points and 4 rebounds and freshman starter Illiana Mun with 7 points and 7 boards.

The final game was the Varsity boys, coached by Bryan von Dorpowski and Christopher Davisson, against La Lumiere Varsity Boys. This game was exciting to watch with good plays by the Cardinals who were short in numbers as well.

The boys exercised fantastic Christian sportsmanship against the opponents, even in the end when it was becoming a tight game, it resulted in a 47-52 loss.

Senior captain Michael von Dorpowski scored the game high of 16 points with 4 three pointers. Senior Joseph Bradley III had his breakout game almost resulting in a double-double with 10 points and 9 rebounds. Senior captain Chelliot Osuntade came in with 9 points and 3 dimes. Overall the boys played very well taking into account circumstances, and it was a well played game.

Seniors Vs. School

Valerie Curtis


There are a few special events that take place during Senior Spirit week that give our graduating classmates a chance to make some final lasting memories. One of these is the annual Senior vs. School Flag Football Game. It’s an intense, usually fast game that pits the Senior class against various members of the junior, sophomore, and freshmen class.

Early on, volunteer players from the school signed up to be on the boys and girls teams. Practices were held after classes, and both sides worked hard to prepare themselves for the big day. Volunteers from the community, consisting of family members of students as well as staff, coached the teams and organized the selling of food at the event.

After school on September 9, the teams assembled in the football field behind the Academy. Parents, staff, and students cheered on their friends and family as the game went on. It was over all too soon.

The results were both wins for the School team. The schools girl teams won 8 to 6, and the boys team 20 to 16. Whatever the outcome, it was a fun experience for everyone. Audience and participants enjoyed themselves equally.

Senior vs. School Basketball Game

This past Tuesday, January 31, the seniors brought the class of 2012 a victory. The boys’ game was filled with amazing passes and shots. Lead shooter for the first half on the senior team was A.J. Poole, scoring 15 of the 23 points. On the school team, lead scorer Jordan Mondak made 4 of the 14 points that the school team received in the first half. In the second half the school’s lead switched to Brandon Vondorpowski who made 9 of the 23 points, giving them a total of 37 at the end of the game. During the second half the points changed from Poole to Jeremy Faehner who made 6 of the 22 points, giving the seniors a total of 45 points and claiming the win, 45 to 37.

The girls game was altogether different in the sense that there weren’t that many senior girls playing. The team was made up of 1 senior, 4 juniors, and 1 sophomore, making it a somewhat school vs. upperclass-women game. In the first half the school girls only managed to make 6 points across the board, but in the second half Lydia Applewhite and Casey Drew both made 2 points giving them 4 points in the second half. This gave the school girls a total of 10 points in the whole game. Lead scorer throughout the whole game was senior Aushyna Kerr making a total of 14 points though out the whole game. The upperclass-women won the game with a total of 34 points winning the game 34 to 14. I tip my hat to the girls, both the upperclass-women and the school girls, because they played hard even though people left. All in all the both games were very exciting and all participants played their hearts out.

BCS Blowout in New Orleans

Although heralded as the 'Game of the Decade,' LSU vs. Alabama was a bitter disappointment.

It was called the match up of the century – a clash of the titans. The number one and number two college teams in the nation – LSU and Alabama – were supposed to have a hard-fought battle for the coveted BCS Championship title. However, this is the exact opposite of what happened in New Orleans on January 9th.

Throughout the 2011 season, LSU more than earned their title of Number 1 in the nation with an undefeated season. Ironically, the closest game they had was in Tuscaloosa on November 5 against Alabama during which they scored a field goal at the last minute against the Crimson Tide in overtime, ending the game at 9-6. LSU went on to beat Georgia in the SEC Championship, and hopes were high for the BCS game, based on their performance throughout the season.

Recovering from the loss, Alabama’s Nick Saban got back on his feet and led the team to a record of 12-1, the second best season in the SEC. Saban, the former coach of LSU, has always been a formidable opponent. He has an eye for football, to say the least, as he seems to pick the runts of the NCAA, seeing some kind of potential in them, and brings them to glory – as was the case with last year’s 1st string QB, Greg McIlroy, and the 2007 senior 1st string QB at LSU, Matt Flynn.  Everyone in Baton Rouge was nervous about facing Saban and his team once again.

Two months went by and on January 9 LSU faced Alabama in the BCS National Championship. High hopes ended in disappointment. With a score of 21-0, the game was a blowout. LSU’s Defensive team performed far beyond what the Offense could pull off. Alabama’s defense has been called one of the best in the nation, and perhaps in history, and they showed it last night. LSU’s first string QB, Senior Jordan Jefferson, seemed to crack under pressure and achieved a mere 90 yards for the offense throughout the entire game, not getting past the 50 yard line until late in the game. Alabama’s special teams struggled, missing a few field goals and scoring 5, with one of the missed goals being batted down by LSU’s Michael Brockers. Late in the 4th quarter, Alabama’s Trent Richardson broke through LSU defense and scored a touchdown bringing the score to the final score of 21-0.

To be fair, LSU did not play like the Number 1 undefeated team in the nation. However, Alabama showed that they did. Nick Saban and his team pulled off something LSU could not defeat, and that is to be commended. However, if LSU’s Offense had been up to par, the outcome would have been much closer.

In the aftermath of a tragic defeat, fans have been arguing about coach Les Miles’ decision not to play LSU’s second string, Jarrett Lee. They have also turned on Jordan Jefferson, blaming him for the loss.

Early in the season, Jordan Jefferson was suspended for a fight and Jarrett Lee was forced to lead the team through 6 games. These games however were not “big” and Jordan Jefferson came back in time to face our rivals in the bigger games of the season. Later on, Miles decided to play him in the game against Alabama during regular season, and he nearly cost us the game due to interceptions. And that’s why he did not see the field for the rest of the season and during the BCS game.  Lee is a wild card. He cannot be depended upon, and Jefferson delivered where Lee could not. Lee is not a quarterback – perhaps a receiver, but not a quarterback. It is not Miles’ fault, or the offensive and defensive coordinators’, or Lee’s, or even Jefferson’s fault.

If you are an LSU fan, give Alabama and Saban what they deserve – they played a better game, and that is why they are now champions. LSU pulled off a 13-0 season, which is more than any other team did. With the 2012 season approaching next fall, all teams will be losing valuable players to the NFL, including LSU’s Jordan Jefferson. College football is always exciting as new blood brings new hope, and there is always another chance for LSU in the BCS Championship. With this game, the SEC has proven that they are the dominant conference in the nation. Let’s wait and see what next year holds.

Meet Extreme Teen Daniel Greene

Daniel Greene takes to the air

If you were to ask the average teenage fellow what he does for fun in his free time, the response would usually be something pertaining to Xbox, the internet, and other thorough thumb exercises. This is not so with Andrews Academy freshman Daniel Greene, who states he “doesn’t do games.”

Instead he spends his free-time pursuing an activity far more exciting – mountain biking.

“I first became interested about a couple years ago when my brother got a BMX [bike] and started building trails,” Daniel reflected. “I started out with just BMX dirt jumping and then went to more full suspension, fast, technical rough terrain.”

Since then he has acquired much knowledge about BMX bikes as well as constructed extensive and impressive biking trails behind his house.

These tracks take dedication and knowledge to construct, Daniel informed me. “It takes a lot. It took us over a year just to get the dirt packed down super hard on a good pump track [a short rectangular hilly course].  We had to shower the tracks and it took a lot of work.  We have to sweep it off every time [it is used] and it takes a lot of maintenance.”

Daniel Greene hits the trails.

Daniel also approaches his bike with as much dedication and pride as he does his homemade tracks. “I got my brother’s bike,” Daniel reflected, smiling at the memory of the beautiful blue bicycle, shocks and cables running throughout the precision-curved frame. “ It cost me $1,600 and I had to sell two of my other bikes and my whitewater kayak, but it’s a lot better.”

With a comitment to bike and track this strong, it is no surprise that many interesting stories were made while being in and flying off of the bike seat.  “I’ve broken my tailbone and I’ve kind of damaged my internal guts,” laughed Daniel, reflecting on his painful mishaps. “I got [hit with] a handle bar around the waist area and had a yellow and purple stomach for like half a year. That was really bad.”

Despite all of the bodily damage he has received pursuing his passion, Daniel says that he has never wrecked or broken a bike aside from a snapped shifter cable, which had to be refastened with a shoestring.

As our interview drew to a close, Daniel explained to me his passion for biking. “It’s a pretty big blood rush to the brain I guess when you’re hitting a 15 foot drop off. I mean motto-cross is cheating; in biking you get the speed with the exercise. You have to be always learning how to move your bike right so that you’re not slammin’ it down and bending your rims.”

When asked to describe his favorite biking excursion, Daniel laughed, “I’m out there shredding every day! Why need a favorite?” In the future, he says he wants to purchase a Yeti mountain bike and become a professional mountain biker.

Other than his extreme passion for the extreme sport, Daniel said that he also enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding and skateboarding – which was evident when a staff member marched outside and ended our interview by scolding Daniel for skateboarding on school grounds.  Extreme sports can have extreme consequences, apparently.

AU Jr. Cardinals Win Ohio Tournament


On November 17, 18 and 19, the four Jr. Cardinal teams traveled to Dayton, Ohio, to play in Spring Valley Academy’s Youth Rally Basketball Tournament.

This was the first time that the Andrews University Jr. Cardinals has been represented by four teams in a tournament. But it wasn’t the first time the boys and girls varsity teams have made it to the championship game.

The boys varsity, led by Captains Andrew Simpson and Brandon Vondorpowski, led their team to victory over the Spring Valley Academy Stallions 47-37 in the championship game. The boys ended the tournament with a record of 4-1, their only loss to Spring Valley Academy on a Friday afternoon game that had no impact on who would go to the championship game or not.

And while the boys were handling business on their way to the championship, the Lady Cardinals varsity were handling some of their own business.  The girls went undefeated in the tournament. With an outstanding record of 4-0, they too went to the championship game and beat Mount Vernon Academy for the trophy.

If you are interested in boys and girls varsity scores and stats throughout their ongoing season, go to MaxPreps and type in Andrews Academy in the search bar.

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