The Revenge of Sadie Hawkins: ‘Taking a Chance’

This year’s SA Banquet is Sadie Hawkins where the girls take the reins of asking guys to banquet, but some people are against this “outrageous” way ?

The great thing about Sadie Hawkins is gives the girls the chance to be able to choose their guy and make sure they have a date other than waiting for a guy to ask them or not. How many times does the same girl get asked to banquet? There are so many guys that attend the banquet and could have asked a girl who didn’t get asked already, but, no, the guys are too cowardly to go out of their comfort zone .The thing is when there are “regular” banquet with guys asking girls, it is frowned upon when girls ask guys even if the girls who weren’t asked wanted a date.

“It’s about time guys experience the anticipation of being asked or not to banquet. Numerous guys that don’t get asked or get nervous by being asked take it into their own hands by taking the liberty of asking the girl when the girl is supposed to ask the guy. It is embarrassing but yet proves the point that guys needs to stand up and take a chance to ask girls to the banquet when it’s their turn to ask. So the next time around guys should “man up” and ask a girl to the banquet.

Many girls that I talked to about asking guys were not fans of asking them by asking questions like “Why should I ask when they never ask me , it gives them power if I ask them to banquet when if it was a typical banquet they wouldn’t have the audacity to ask.

I have a friend that goes to an Adventist Day-Academy, told me that in order to go banquet you had to bring a date. She refused to bring a date, so she showed up by herself and come to find out, you really had to have a date or you can choose to sit a table around couples and feel extremely awkward like she did. Would more people get into “asking” people to the banquet if that was forced or would it decrease attendance in coming.? My personal opinion is, “It seems like that wouldn’t matter people choose to come or don’t regardless on of what type of banquet it is.”

I have another friend that went to a boarding academy and students were required to show up to the gym having no choice not to show up dressed formally. All the guys would get a number and so would the girls. The down side was you had no say in who you were getting or, if you were in a relationship already, you couldn’t go with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Some were against it, but many were for it. You were given an opportunity to get to know someone who you would most likely never talk to.

I asked some fellow Andrews Academy students what they thought and here is what they said :

Olivia Woodard, AA senior, says “Sadie Hawkins is good every other year. It is weird for girls as well but I feel like girls are more creative in asking than guys; The positive side of Sadie Hawkins is guys too, feel the stress and the wondering if someone is going to ask them.”

Despite, being nervous or embarrassed, take a chance to make someone’s day. You don’t necessarily have to be in “love” with the person in order to ask them out. It is fun to get dressed up and take funny pictures with your date. It’s fun going with your friends but once in a while its nice to do something out of the ordinary. Remember this is once in a lifetime experience that we could look back on and laugh. We should never take these experience for granted , for high school only comes once.

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