Is Photoshop Hurting Teens

Photoshop has been used for several years, but in this day and age some people are starting to wonder if maybe photoshop is hurting our teens.

People argue that it has a negative outcome on our teens in the way that it hurts their self esteem to the point now that teens don’t view themselves as pretty or handsome in any way. Teens start focusing on their outward appearance more than their character and how they treat others. These teens seem to be in the dark that celebrities and models are often heavily photoshopped to the point that they often don’t look like their unedited self.

The other side of the argument is that photoshop is helping our teens by allowing them to feel beautiful and creative with what they do the photos they photoshop. Also, people say that photoshop helps improve teens’ self-esteem and how they view the world in a more equal way. These teens understand that even the most beautiful and well-known models and celebrities are often photoshopped even before they post a photo on social media.

No matter what the issue is, there will always be to sides for and against. Personally, I don’t agree that photoshop is hurting teens; I feel that there are more important factors affecting how teens view themselves. I feel like their self-esteem can be affected by what they post on social media and how their piers view and react to what they post. But photoshop itself? No, I don’t think it’s hurting teens. It’s just another way for them to express themselves.


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