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Quit Your Whining

By: Jessica

Today’s forecast consists of partially cloudy skies, some wind, and a whole lot of complaining. The room is too hot, now it’s too cold. Your hair is too curly and now it’s too straight. You didn’t get to play for the whole game so that’s the reason your team lost. We complain about everything: the weather, our clothes, our family, how we don’t have the newest phone yet, etc.

So why do we complain? For one, what better way to start up a conversation than to complain to your friends about all the homework the teachers give you or how your parents are always getting on your case. We complain when we are jealous, when we are unhappy, or when we need an excuse. We love to complain. It’s easy, so easy we often forget that we do it so often.

Sometimes we need to vent and get the things that are bothering us off our chests, but there is a time for everything and complaining all the time can get old. Soon your friends won’t want to have conversations as you find more and more to complain about. Complaining too much encourages laziness and assists in procrastination. Dr Robin Kowalski, professor of psychology at Clemson University, states that “They’ll take hours of your time telling you their problems-then they reject your help and don’t take one piece of advice you give them.”

Excessive complaining may cause more problems than it fixes. Using complaints to try and solve all your problems won’t get you anywhere. Sometimes you need to take action for yourself instead of waiting for someone else. What you say and how you act can also have an affect on others. Your negative attitude may begin to rub off on your associates. Our peers and children take note of the things they hear and see, and you may start seeing your own behavior reflected in them

A few ways to help you complain less is too try and stay positive, look for the good things in your life. When you feel the urge to complain about something, search for something to praise instead. Make a list of all the things that make your school, job, or home enjoyable.

When starting a conversation with a friend, try to start with something positive instead of heading straight to the gloomy department. Make it a habit to look at the cup half full instead of half empty. For example, when you realize it’s too cold to go outside, figure out all the relaxing things you can do inside. If someone cuts in front of you in traffic, consider the fact that they may be late to an appointment. Try to see things from another person’s point of view. Be open to knew ideas and opinions. This will help you be more empathetic. Make sure you are getting plenty of good food, water and sleep because this can affect your mood. Your outlook on life has a lot to do with how you react to things so try to stay positive and don’t forget to smile. :)



The Revenge of Sadie Hawkins: ‘Taking a Chance’

This year’s SA Banquet is Sadie Hawkins where the girls take the reins of asking guys to banquet, but some people are against this “outrageous” way ?

The great thing about Sadie Hawkins is gives the girls the chance to be able to choose their guy and make sure they have a date other than waiting for a guy to ask them or not. How many times does the same girl get asked to banquet? There are so many guys that attend the banquet and could have asked a girl who didn’t get asked already, but, no, the guys are too cowardly to go out of their comfort zone .The thing is when there are “regular” banquet with guys asking girls, it is frowned upon when girls ask guys even if the girls who weren’t asked wanted a date.

“It’s about time guys experience the anticipation of being asked or not to banquet. Numerous guys that don’t get asked or get nervous by being asked take it into their own hands by taking the liberty of asking the girl when the girl is supposed to ask the guy. It is embarrassing but yet proves the point that guys needs to stand up and take a chance to ask girls to the banquet when it’s their turn to ask. So the next time around guys should “man up” and ask a girl to the banquet.

Many girls that I talked to about asking guys were not fans of asking them by asking questions like “Why should I ask when they never ask me , it gives them power if I ask them to banquet when if it was a typical banquet they wouldn’t have the audacity to ask.

I have a friend that goes to an Adventist Day-Academy, told me that in order to go banquet you had to bring a date. She refused to bring a date, so she showed up by herself and come to find out, you really had to have a date or you can choose to sit a table around couples and feel extremely awkward like she did. Would more people get into “asking” people to the banquet if that was forced or would it decrease attendance in coming.? My personal opinion is, “It seems like that wouldn’t matter people choose to come or don’t regardless on of what type of banquet it is.”

I have another friend that went to a boarding academy and students were required to show up to the gym having no choice not to show up dressed formally. All the guys would get a number and so would the girls. The down side was you had no say in who you were getting or, if you were in a relationship already, you couldn’t go with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Some were against it, but many were for it. You were given an opportunity to get to know someone who you would most likely never talk to.

I asked some fellow Andrews Academy students what they thought and here is what they said :

Olivia Woodard, AA senior, says “Sadie Hawkins is good every other year. It is weird for girls as well but I feel like girls are more creative in asking than guys; The positive side of Sadie Hawkins is guys too, feel the stress and the wondering if someone is going to ask them.”

Despite, being nervous or embarrassed, take a chance to make someone’s day. You don’t necessarily have to be in “love” with the person in order to ask them out. It is fun to get dressed up and take funny pictures with your date. It’s fun going with your friends but once in a while its nice to do something out of the ordinary. Remember this is once in a lifetime experience that we could look back on and laugh. We should never take these experience for granted , for high school only comes once.

Accept yourself as you are

By: Charity Ogoti

We spend money trying to fit in, pour ourselves over the latest celebrity news, and spend hours trying to emulate the beauty that the world will worship. But at the end of the day, trying to chase after these things will only leave us unsatisfied with the hunger for more.

We need to start being happy with where we are and avoid wishing we were in someone else’s place.

Entering high school, I was afraid of what everyone would think of me. As a result, I began to change who I was to try to fit the person I thought would be liked by everyone else. I compared myself to other girls and wished that my life could be as faultless as theirs seemed to be. However, this led me off the well-worn path when I realized that my relationships with my family and friends had begun slipping. Gradually, however, I realized that unless I accepted who I was, I wasn’t going to be satisfied with whatever I thought was perfect.

Many people have lived their lives in frustration and depression because they once denied themselves their true self-identity. In today’s society, many young people bleach their skin because they want to reach a standard of beauty that our generation has put forward. To them, in order to be beautiful, they must be lighter. However, this is a false standard of beauty because all skin tones are beautiful. Black is beautiful. These young people need to realize that they are blessed with melanin and covering it up is the same as denying the uniqueness that the Creator gave them.

If you don’t respect and value yourself, how do you expect others to love you too? Just like Christ loved us first, let us also love ourselves.

The media plays a huge role in making us uncomfortable in our skin tones. The global beauty industry makes over $18 billion dollars each year from the money we use to buy makeup products to hide our insecurities. What other people think and say about us should not hold us back in life. This constant daily exposure to media has distorted our perception of perfection and as a result, our cries for acceptance have created the rivers of identity we are drowning in.

We can spend our lives letting the world tell us who we are. We must know, however, that our true self-identity is who we are when we let go of all of the labels and judgments that we have placed upon ourselves. Ultimately, no matter where we have come from and who we are, we need to love, treasure, and be content with ourselves because God is the potter and we are the clay. We are the works of his hands and he created us all fearfully and wonderfully.

Stop Asian Carp

There are a couple of reasons why our Great Lakes are so great, and one of those reasons is that there are a very good variety of ecosystems. What if there was something that could potentially devastate those ecosystems? Well, Asian carp can do just that. The conditions found in the Great lakes such as water temperature and food support a variety of species. Unfortunately,  asian carp could out number all other native species, as is happening in the Illinois and Mississippi rivers.

Why are the Asian carp so dangerous? Asian carp are filter feeders, meaning they eat the plankton that that the lower end of the food chain needs to survive. And if there’s no food for the smaller species, then the bigger fish will suffer. Commercial and sport fisheries bring a annual amount of $7 billion dollars, and if there’s no fish to catch, then their jobs and livelihoods will be destroyed.

Asian carp pose additional threats. Being able to jump as high as 6 feet and weighing from 20-100lbs, asian carp rare a hazard to boaters and colliding with one could result in serious injury or death. Now this could be a problem, because when there is an electric pulse, or just a disturbance in the water, asian carp like to jump out of the water into the air, hitting or landing on anything that’s in its way. In this act of stupidity, Asian carp put our boaters in danger.

Well, you are probably wondering how Asian carp could get into the Great lakes. It all started when we imported them from Asia to help clean the algae and scum from farmers’ ponds along the Mississippi River. When the banks of the Mississippi overflowed, the Asian carp escaped into the river and created a fairly good population. Then they migrated all the way up the Mississippi to the Illinois River and now at the front door to Lake Michigan, the Chicago shipping canals.

Now you might ask what we are doing to prevent this from happening. There are organizations and local fisherman catching and killing Asian carp by the thousands. The DNR has put electric fences along several waterways and closed one. The president has signed into law the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014, which includes direction from congress and the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service to lead an effort to slow and hopefully stop the spread of Asian carp. If we don’t stop Asian carp from taking what we so dearly love, then the Great lakes won’t be so great anymore.

Is Photoshop Hurting Teens

Photoshop has been used for several years, but in this day and age some people are starting to wonder if maybe photoshop is hurting our teens.

People argue that it has a negative outcome on our teens in the way that it hurts their self esteem to the point now that teens don’t view themselves as pretty or handsome in any way. Teens start focusing on their outward appearance more than their character and how they treat others. These teens seem to be in the dark that celebrities and models are often heavily photoshopped to the point that they often don’t look like their unedited self.

The other side of the argument is that photoshop is helping our teens by allowing them to feel beautiful and creative with what they do the photos they photoshop. Also, people say that photoshop helps improve teens’ self-esteem and how they view the world in a more equal way. These teens understand that even the most beautiful and well-known models and celebrities are often photoshopped even before they post a photo on social media.

No matter what the issue is, there will always be to sides for and against. Personally, I don’t agree that photoshop is hurting teens; I feel that there are more important factors affecting how teens view themselves. I feel like their self-esteem can be affected by what they post on social media and how their piers view and react to what they post. But photoshop itself? No, I don’t think it’s hurting teens. It’s just another way for them to express themselves.


Superheroes vs. God

He can fly. He has laser and x-ray vision. He protects. He sacrifices for others. He has super strength. He never ceases to do the right thing. He has a cape. He wears a symbol of hope on his chest. He defeats evil. He is our hero. “Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound … It’s Superman!”

The iconic character of Superman has been around for a long time. In early 1933, high school student Jerry Siegel wrote a short story about a villain who gains psychic powers from an experimental drug called “The Reign of the Superman”. Later on, Siegel decided to make Superman a hero, so he would be more marketable. He published the comic and “The Superman” instantly became popular. Eventually DC Comics bought the rights from Siegel, creating the modern Superman that has completely taken over the media and seemingly everything else.

So what makes this character so vastly popular in today’s society? We believe that his popularity stems from the original sin. People are always striving to be better. They want to be special, to be in control, and to have unlimited power. They want to be like God. This longing is a scary thing because this is exactly what caused Lucifer to fall in the very beginning. He wanted to be like God. He thought that he could do things better. He convinced himself that God was being unfair. He thought that he himself could make a better God.

“Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.” (Revelation 12:7-9)

And so, being banned from Heaven, Satan cast his eye on God’s most treasured creation: humans. We fell for the same temptation that drove Satan to his doom: that God is a liar who is keeping glory and power from us. We should be our own gods. We should form our own destiny.

It is no wonder why Superman is so alluring. He stems from the desire of the original sin. The Great Controversy is engraven into us, and anything that is even close to it is hypnotizing.

The interesting thing about Superman is that the movies purposely create him to look like Jesus. In the movie Man of Steel, Superman is sent down from Krypton to earth as a baby. Jesus was sent from Heaven to earth as a baby. Superman grew up being bullied and mocked, and yet didn’t retaliate. Jesus was misunderstood, bullied, and purposely ignored, and yet didn’t react. Superman found his purpose in life when he found his father’s conscience in a ship from his world. He was 33 years of age. Jesus was baptized and the Holy Spirit descended on Him, marking the beginning of His ministry, His purpose in life. Scholars believe that He was also around the age of 33. Superman was told by his father’s conscience that he was the bridge between the supernatural and mankind. Jesus is our mediator, our bridge from God.
The similarities are endless.

As Christians, we need to be aware of these similarities. Satan uses any means necessary to distract us from what is really important, even if we are enjoying ourselves watching a movie. It doesn’t matter so much if we are happy or sad, just as long as we don’t have our focus on God. If Satan can distract us, then he can capture us.

If we keep fixing our eyes on God, however, Satan’s power disintegrates. And, honestly, if you really think about it, which is better: having fun for a couple of hours, or spending eternity in Heaven?



Social Media: Distracting Ourselves to Death

Now it’s possible that you could look at the title of this article and immediately begin reading it with a defensive mindset because it reminds you of something your parents would forward you on your email. Not to mention that this particular forward would be kind of ironic, because email is just another form of social media, and they’re being pretty hypocritical by sending you an email about not using social media. However, this is me talking. I’m a kid. I’m one of you guys, remember?

Now, think back to the last time you used social media personally. When was it? Was it during a time when you should have been doing something else? For me, most of the memories I have of using something like Facebook are from when I was distracting myself from something else I was supposed to be doing. That may be a personality flaw on my part, but I think that a lot of people would agree that Facebook negatively affects their productivity.

But there are other problems with the social media life. Recent studies have examined the psychological impact of constantly observing the highlights of all your friends lives, and comparing them to your own.The trouble with Facebook is that it almost always represents how people want you to think their lives are, not how they really are on a day to day basis. A recent study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology has examined the negative impact of comparing other people’s Facebook lives to your own daily one.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Houston, examined the psychological well being of over 200 participants as a function of their tendency to compare themselves with others, and the amount of time that they spent on social media like Facebook. They were able to establish a positive correlation between an increase in social comparisons and frequent Facebook use, and in turn connected these with symptoms of depression.

Also, another factor that affects users of Facebook is the tone of the shared content that they encounter. The company of Facebook itself conducted a study in which they altered more than half a million Facebook feeds and examined the content that people posted as a result of seeing more positive or negative news content in their feeds. The study, published in the New York Times, found that people who were exposed to more positive news stories tended to post more positively, and vice-versa with exposure to negative stories.

What these studies go to show shouldn’t be anything new to you. I would hope that you realize that comparing yourself to others too much isn’t healthy, just as focusing on all the negative news and information in the world will drag you down and affect your mood. What I hope these findings will do for you is make you think about what you do see on Facebook and similar sites, and pause to evaluate if it really is a good use of your time or not.

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