Incoming Freshmen Visit AA

By: Jessica N

Walking into a new school as a new student can be a terrifying experience. You have to navigate your way around groups of people you don’t know, trying to find classrooms. You fumble with your locker because the combo the office gave you isn’t working, and you scan the cafeteria for what seems to be a lifetime trying to find someone to sit with. Could there ever be a solution to first day jitters?

One solution provided by Andrews Academy is hosting Academy Day, an event directed to incoming academy students. This day is designed to help students become familiar with classrooms and teachers in hope it will drive away first day fears. Eighth graders from Village SDA, Ruth Murdoch, Niles SDA, Eau Claire, South Bend, and homeschoolers join AA students for this event. Schedules are rearranged and classes are shortened as the students visit each classroom. Chapel is filled with songs as each music department performs. Teachers hold games and contests. Eighth graders try to get signatures from all the teachers in the hope of winning a prize. At the end of the day everyone comes together for Assembly which consists of the Student Association having eighth graders play a team game. This year as a special treat the Intro to Gymnastics put on a performance for everyone. [Picture]

“Academy Day is a time to give incoming freshmen the experience of what a day of Academy life is like” says Principal Leiterman.

Isabella Ball from Niles Westside and Nathan Fernandez from Village SDA said they both enjoyed Mrs. Chao’s classes the best and they liked doing the fun experiments.

According to Giovanni Leonor, a student at Village SDA, “All the teachers were nice” and he enjoyed both of the Bible classes.

Academy Day and Graduation Bash are the primary PR events responsible for the enrollment of the next years students. A lot of work is put into this day as staff and administration make sure that schedules and classes are up to date. Before the end of Academy Day emails are sent to all eighth graders and their families so they can start the registration process.

Administration aims to have 80% of each schools’ eighth grade class attend next year. About 69% of last year’s eight grade graduates now make up this year’s freshman class.

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