Andrews Academy greets another talent show

By: Charity Ogoti

Every year, the students and faculty of Andrews Academy get to see the amazing talents that some of their classmates possess at the talent show.  This year, on the 24th of February, the Andrews Academy family experienced another spectacular talent show.

Starting of, the Master of Ceremony Brianna Moore, warmly welcomed everyone to the talent show and then introduced the first performance which was Sandra Mosimbwa and Jemila Greenridge singing a song from Empire, entitled Powerful.

Next, Claudia Applewhite kicked off the stage with a breathtaking poem she had composed.

Followed by that was Sandra Mosimbwa singing I’d rather go blind by Beyoncé.

Then, Taylor Ferris performed an acoustic song entitled Just Like a Star.

After that, Jamison Moore, Johny Schneep, Jonathan Woolford-Hunt, and Joshua Huslin, did an instrumental piece to the song See You Again by Wiz Khalifa.

Later on, encomponied by Siwon Choir on the guitar, Caleb Gomez and Kerianah Matson sang a song called Scarecrow.

Patrick Miller, a senior, and his little sister, Nicole Miller did a duet to the song called Duck Song. The Duck Song is a famous children song written by Bryant Oden about a duck that continuously annoys a lemonade stand owner by asking if he has any grapes. Ms. Miller played the role of the duck, while Mr. Miller, who was also playing the piano, played the role of the lemonade stand owner.

Next, Autumn Dodge and Sandra Mosimbwa changed the mode of the show by doing a Makeup skit. In this skit, we could only see Ms. Dodge whose hands were folded to the back while Ms. Mosimbwa used her hands to do the makeup on Ms. Dodge. What was interesting about this performance is the fact that Ms. Mosimbwa couldn’t see Ms. Dodge’s face and was using her hands to feel where parts of her face would be. This was entertaining to the audience since Mosimbwa would sometimes do makeup on the wrong part of her Dodge’s face.

To wrap up the show was Olivia Woodard singing Thinking out Loud accompanied by Jacob Momdak playing the guitar.

After all the votes were turned in and counted, the top three nominees were for the talent show were announced I’m Chapel. Coming in first place was Olivia Woodard and Jacob Mondak. When asked about how she felt while singing the song, Woodard said she thinking about how it would feel to fall in love with someone and then spend the rest of their lives together.

In second place was Caleb Gomez, Kerianah Matson, and Siwon Choi.

Coming in third place was Talylor Ferris.

Compared to other years, according to SA officer, Kaily Iwasa, this year’s talent show had fewer students who were willing to share talents. As a result, instead of taking place on a Sunday as it usually is, the talent show had to be moved to Assembly. Not only that, but also the day the talent show was scheduled, was also Super Bowl Sunday and therefore the participants would have a very small audience since many peopld watched the Super Bowl. Therefore, by moving the talent show to the Assembly time, also gave then participants a larger audience.






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