What is Bible Camp?


By: Kaily Iwasa

Snow sparkles on the ground as 80 students approach the little chapel on the hill. They enter the tiny space and shake the snow off their boots. It is cold, but no one feels chilled, for the warmth of friendship surrounds them. Packed in among their friends, the students start to sing. Praises fill the air, inviting God to fill the place, spreading peace and joy to all who hear.

Going to the little chapel in the woods, nestled in the midst of Hartwick Pines near Camp Au Sable, has been a beautiful tradition for Bible Camp attendees. It looks like an ordinary building from the outside, but inside it has a whole new feeling. So many prayers, songs, and testimonies have been heard in that place. Those who go there return new, changed people, having been touched by the atmosphere of the chapel.

The chapel in the woods is just one of the many amazing events students experience at Bible Camp. Every year in January, students from Andrews Academy attend Winter Bible Camp at Camp Au Sable in Grayling, Michigan. Students participate in carefully-planned events and meetings, like singing in the chapel Sabbath afternoon, that foster spiritual discipline and renewal.


Getting out into the nature of Camp Au Sable is one way students are able to grow closer to God during Bible Camp.

Typically, Friday afternoon the girls and boys split up and prepare for the special Communion service Friday evening. The girls bond in the kitchen, making delicious soups and communion bread, while the boys prepare a place for the Communion, decorate and get everything ready.

Every year Bible Camp is planned around a different theme. This year the theme was God’s Grace. Students had the opportunity to attend spiritual meetings where they sang, watched a dramatic skit, and learned more about how truly amazing God is. Many made a stand for Christ, committing their lives to His work.

Senior Victoria Carmona said, “Bible Camp was really, really fun. To me, it meant spending time with friends and getting closer to God.”


Tsion, Jessica N., Jessica G., and Kay enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the sparkling snow.


Noah, Justin, and John performed in a moving skit that helped students to see God’s grace in a different light.

People return home from Bible Camp happy and spiritually refreshed, having made new friends and taken a stand in their spiritual journey. But what is Bible Camp really about? Is it just about making new friends? Or cultivating a deeper relationship with Jesus? Maybe it is a little of both.

Freshman Ruchama Hilaire shared Vicky’s feelings about Bible Camp. She said, “Bible Camp was an experience to make new friends and also grow in Jesus.”

So to answer the question “What is Bible Camp?” Bible Camp is a chance to get away from everyday life. It provides an opportunity for new students to get to know others, and for experienced students to make new friends. Most importantly, it is a chance to get to know the Creator better.


Brianna, Dawson, Chris and Liz having fun after one of the meetings.


Bible Camp created many friendships and helped people to get out of their comfort zones.

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