New class pushes students’ horizons beyond Berrien Springs

Pastor Glassford’s new Christian Service class meets to help students learn and understand what organizations do for people around the world, focusing on understanding how the organization works and how students can get involved.

One such organization students are studying is MSF, an organization that goes into other countries whenever there is a crisis. Helping people around the world, MSF works with doctors without borders to provide medical care to anyone, regardless of their religion, culture, or race. 

Glassford’s goal, he says, is to “push students’ horizons further than Berrien Springs.” Pastor Glassford says he wants students to “get excited about the challenges and rewards of living a selfless life.”

Christian Service class learns about other organizations as well: ADRA,, fundraising projects, investment projects in the Seventh-day Adventist traditions such as food and clothing drives by Andrews Academy for surrounding communities.

Instead of a textbook, this class has a lab fee of $25 dollars for all the different activities that will occur in class and to help with other projects that Glassford sees appropriate for the class. The course description emphasizes the Christian service core: “An introduction to a counter-cultural worldview that sees every human being as a brother/sister and every moment, every relationship and every resource a means of restoring in them the image of our maker.”

Students’ responses to the class have been positive. Senior Sandra Mosimbwa said, “I’m actually learning more than I thought I would. I would also consider becoming a humanitarian, but I’m not totally sure if I’m up for it.” When asked if she would recommend the class to other students, she said “Yes, I would. It would help open their eyes to many things.”


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