Andrews Cardinals vs Kalamazoo Homeschool

By: Olivia Woodard

The AA Junior Cardinal basketball teams are half way through their season. All four teams (JVG,JVB,VG,VB) have gone to[gone to is weak- what about “competed”, a good, strong verb?] a tournament [date?]at our sister college, Southern, in Collegedale, Tennessee. The teams fought tirelessly, with little sleep and hectic schedules.

The Girls Varsity won the Championship for 1st place and the Boys Varsity brought home the 3rd place trophy. Each week every player on the teams works 6-8 hours in the gym preparing for our[their] upcoming tournament: The Cardinal (Newmyer) Classic. But before they get to that on February 4-6 there are several games ahead of them against some tough opponents. 2/4 of the game days there were this week were cancelled due to snow and hazard.

The games last night[date] were tight games. The night started off with the Junior Varsity boys, coached by Jim Dronen, challenging the Kalamazoo homeschool in a hard back and forth lead battle all night. Kalamazoo pulled ahead in the end for a tough loss of 47-51. The tough fight was helped by sophomore Nate Greenhaw’s 11 points, freshman Max Dronen’s 9 points, and junior Chris Nwoke’s 6 points.

Varsity boys, coached by Bryan von Dorpowski and Christopher Davisson, followed the JV game, competing against tough competitor Varsity Kalamazoo Homeschool. This game was a hard-fought battle, ending with a tied score of 34-34 at half-time. Seniors David Sherman and Joseph Bradley played fantastic defense, trying to pull the game back with two blocks. Varsity boys eventually fell to the Homeschool after the tireless fight, 47-60. Michael von Dorpowski, senior captain, scored the game high of 12 points followed by seniors Chelliot Osuntade (Captain) and Mutungi Menani with 7 points.

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