Andrews Cardinals vs MCAC Wildcats

By: Olivia Woodard

Monday night the Varsity boys and girls team faced long-time opponents, the MCAC Wildcats. The cardinals have a history with this team in both the regular season and the Cardinal (Newmyer) Classic. For the past 10 years, the MCAC Wildcat Varsity girls have been undefeated against the Cardinal Women. They have also won the Cardinal Classic numerous times and are the reigning champions and number one threat.

Monday night’s double header started off with the varsity girls who charged into man-to-man defense right away in an attempt to secure a lead, then moving in to 2-3 zone D.

The girls showed hustle rebounding and scrapping for the stray balls, which is what kept them in the game, against the wildcats wide range shooters.

The Cardinal girls were tied at the half, 19-19. After a pep talk, they were ready to finish with the W. Going back into a shifting 2-3 zone secured the game. This exceptional defense is what shut down the usually unstoppable offense from the wildcats, who are notorious for hitting deep three’s.

It was a rough back and forth lead, foul-filled game, but the Cardinal Ladies were victorious against this team for the first time in 10 years, resulting in a score of 30-28.

This was a primarily defensive game but senior captain, Antoinette Cave, scored the game high of 9 points along with co-captain Taylor Ferris sinking 6 points, pulling 5 boards, and dumping 3 assists.

The triple header concluded with the varsity boys who started off solid and played exceptional defense.

The Wildcats had a great shooting night, which made the Cardinals step up their game once again.

In the end of the fourth quarter, the Cardinals were ahead 3 points, but a foul put the game on the line. The Wildcats were allowed two free throws, which were both sunk. Andrew’s attempt to tighten the defense succeeded and the Cardinal varsity boys took their first win at home.

Senior captain Chelliot Osuntade was on fire and scored a career high of 21 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 block. Junior starting point guard, Caleb Gomez, scored 11 points, and tossed 2 dimes. Senior, Mutungi Menani, contributed offensively with 10 points and Senior Joseph Bradley III helped the team defensively with 7 rebounds.


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