On-campus water line break prompts early dismissal

By: Colton Busch

In an attempt to fix a broken sewer line behind Garland apartments, plant services crews accidentally damaged a main water line, prompting a water shutdown at Andrews Academy, Ruth Murdoch, and Apple Valley shortly after noon on Monday, January 11.

With no indication of just how long AA and RMES would be without water, both school administrators made the decision to dismiss students early.

Crews put a temporary patch on the main water line to restore water to the schools and Apple Valley later that afternoon. Once the water was restored, however, Andrews Academy’s water had a brown tint to it, requiring the system to be flushed. It took approximately 24 hours to fix the main water and sewer lines.

Junior Ben Gerrans – like most AA students – said of the early dismissal, “I enjoyed the day off school and I was amazed by the quickness and efficency the crews had in fixing the problem.”

Teachers were slightly less enthusiastic about the shutdown. With an already busy curriculum and calendar, teachers will have to move a bit more quickly through their lessons.

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