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What’s in a holiday?: Service to others

By: Starr Davis

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With the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, it is appropriate that we take the time to pause to reflect upon how this holiday started and what it means to us today.

The late Mrs. Coretta Scott King led the campaign for her husband, the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to be remembered soon after his assassination in April of 1968. It was voted down many times by the United States Congress, but Mrs. King and those who supported her mission continued to lobby members of Congress and the President of the United States. It took nearly eighteen years for it to become a federal holiday in 1986, when President Ronald Reagan signed it into law. It is a holiday of service.

The question is what does Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day mean to us at Andrews Academy today?

Brianna Moore, an AA senior, said “It’s a day for us to reflect upon what Dr. King Jr. has done for equality and to remind us of how his actions have greatly changed America. Dr King would probably be very proud to see what he started if he were alive today.”

Malachi Regis, an AA junior, said “MLK day to me marks a day in history where one man started a movement that brought America closer to God’s will and what Heaven will look like.”

David Sherman Jr., an AA senior, said “MLK day is a reminder of the determination and strength that Dr. King had despite the obstacles and challenges that he faced. Dr. King had the courage to stand up for what he believed in, regardless of the consequences.

Brianna’s Malachi’s and David’s words help us to take a look at how our lives have become better for all of us, not only here at Andrews Academy, but all over this great nation.

As we celebrate the MLK Holiday this year, let us take the time to remember the opportunities and the privileges that we have today due to the work and sacrifices of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and the many people from diverse backgrounds who stood with him. And most of all, let us all do something to serve others within our community on the MLK holiday – and each day.

On-campus water line break prompts early dismissal

By: Colton Busch

In an attempt to fix a broken sewer line behind Garland apartments, plant services crews accidentally damaged a main water line, prompting a water shutdown at Andrews Academy, Ruth Murdoch, and Apple Valley shortly after noon on Monday, January 11.

With no indication of just how long AA and RMES would be without water, both school administrators made the decision to dismiss students early.

Crews put a temporary patch on the main water line to restore water to the schools and Apple Valley later that afternoon. Once the water was restored, however, Andrews Academy’s water had a brown tint to it, requiring the system to be flushed. It took approximately 24 hours to fix the main water and sewer lines.

Junior Ben Gerrans – like most AA students – said of the early dismissal, “I enjoyed the day off school and I was amazed by the quickness and efficency the crews had in fixing the problem.”

Teachers were slightly less enthusiastic about the shutdown. With an already busy curriculum and calendar, teachers will have to move a bit more quickly through their lessons.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat: Students in new course build boats


By: Jessica N.

A unique class has been added to Andrews Academy this year: Nautical Arts. The class is taught by Mr. VanDenburgh and gives students the option of earning both English and Applied arts credit. Brought to life by Mr. VanDenburgh, the class combines the two things he enjoys most: teaching and sailing.

Students in Nautical Arts will be building four 11’2’’ Shellback Dinghy sailboats over the course of the semester. After the boats are completed, the class plans to auction the boats and donate the profits to a local charity.

“I want the class to be fun, as the students to work together, but I also want them to learn how to give back to the community,” says VanDenburgh. He hopes that the students will learn teamwork and time management as well as appreciation for the nautical arts.

Designed by Joel White, the Shellback Dinghy is constructed of plywood and fiberglass.

Designed by Joel White, the Shellback Dinghy is constructed of plywood and fiberglass.

Each group, composed of 4-5 students, has created a blog to document the build process and their experiences. Jacob Mondak, a student in the class, says “I am expecting not only to gain more knowledge about boats but more practical knowledge such as following a plan, using common tools, and problem solving. The thing that interests me most about this class is that I absolutely love making things with my hands, especially woodworking.”

Each boat costs $1,500 to build and even with minimal lab fees VanDenburgh has had to solicit donations. Some challenges facing the class are lack of time, space, and tools available. However, with students working hard and diligently, the class will be a success.

Students are working this week to finish construction of the ladder frames, the backbone on which the boats are built.

Josiah Everett, Katalina Wade, Helen Johnston, and Tony Seok construct the ladder frame - i.e., the backbone of the dinghy.

Josiah Everett, Katalina Wade, Helen Johnston, and Tony Seok construct the ladder frame – i.e., the backbone of the dinghy.

“I’ve been very impressed with their focus and determination,” VanDenburgh said. “Even though we’ve lost a few days due to weather and holidays, I think they have the drive to get these boats done well and on time.”

AA students join Andrews University in attempt to break world record


By: Kaily I.

Wednesday, during Andrews University’s Health and Wellness Fest, Andrews Academy students participated in a sit-up challenge located in Johnson Gym in an effort to break a world record. Participants had to accomplish one minute of sit ups together in one location. The current world record is 503 people doing sit ups at the same time in the same place.

To the participants’ disappointment, after attempting twice, they were unable to break the record. 521 people attempted the challenge, but some were disqualified for improper technique. In the end, only 496 people performed the sit ups correctly.

Dynae and Jessica Newkirk, Megan Allen, and Zoey Caballero await the start of the sit-up challenge.

Dynae and Jessica Newkirk, Megan Allen, and Zoey Caballero await the start of the sit-up challenge.

The participants had varying feelings about the event. Some students, like Dawson Iwasa, a junior at Andrews Academy, didn’t like the event saying that “it was a waste of time.” Other people enjoyed it. Mrs. Leiterman, principal at AA said, “It was cool. How many times in your lifetime do you get to say my school tried to break a world record? Besides that, had we not showed up, not one sit-up would have been done. It was good publicity for the school and it was fun.”

Overall, spirits were high. Event organizer Dominique Wakefield, in an interview with WNDU, said “If someone wasn’t able to complete it, I hope it will inspire them to say, you know, maybe I can work a little harder or make some positive changes so when we do it again I can complete the whole set.”

AU Health and Wellness Director Dominique Wakefield receives sit-up stats from assistants.

AU Fitness and Exercise Director Dominique Wakefield receives sit-up stats from assistants.

Andrews may have not been able to break the record this time, but coordinators say that they hope to try it again in the future.

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