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Community Service Day

Community Service Day


On September 18th, 2014, Andrews Academy participated in its annual Community Service Day, a day dedicated to giving back to the community and taking a break from classes to help clean up the neighborhood. The school split up into a few groups and scattered all over Berrien Springs, going from the Courthouse to the Highways to the Dam. Here are some of the things the students accomplished:


The Courthouse: The courthouse group was one of the few that reached their destination on foot. Once they arrived, they lost no time in proceeding to clean up every nook and cranny of the old cabin, forge, and courthouse. A lot of the group enjoyed looking at some of the historical artifacts and structures, like the giant cylindrical jail cell that housed many a villainous scoundrel. After they were finished, they had a good amount of spare time left and so proceeded to walk down to Wolf Prairie park and pick up any trash they could find, eventually heading back to AA. This group was led by Miss Yvonne and Coach Charis.

Warren Dunes: This group went with Pastor Glassford to the nearby beach of Warren Dunes-one of the few that is relatively free of tourists most of the year. Students testify their experiences all meeting the same basic pattern-walking down the beach picking up whatever litter they could find and collecting it in trash bags. After this was they then walked around the local Dam, repeating the process in that area as well.


Highway: This group went with Mrs. Whitley, Mrs. Chao and Mr. Graves to the local area’s highway. They worked very hard cleaning up the highway, never stopping once (except for lunch) from the moment they arrived until the time they left.

Andrews University: Ms. Wright split her workforce in two, sending some to clean the offices and windows of the buildings, while others went outdoors and planted flowers in the local gardens.

All in all, Andrews Academy had another successful community service day. This service day is a reminder to all students that anyone can make a difference in the world, even by doing small tasks for our community. Whether it’s taking a few seconds to put a Starbucks cup in Warren Dunes in the trash, or a single flower being planted in a little garden, the students at Andrews Academy school can still make a huge difference in somebody’s day.

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