SA Campout

By Valerie Curtis


Sixty-five Andrews Academy students shouldered their backpacks on September 5 to head down to Muskegon State Park. There they would spend the weekend worshiping together and growing closer to each and to God. The spiritual program for the weekend was coordinated by Joshua Hong, who invited a special guest that was familiar to almost everyone in the group-Brandon von Dorpowski.

The 2013 graduate led out in vespers, Sabbath School, and church. There was singing, charades on the beach, and the sermon was held at the top of the dunes. Every student that went was incredibly blessed by the events. It was a weekend of great fun and spiritual growth.

Saturday afternoon, after Sabbath School and church, the group had a chance to stretch their legs and run around the campsite in search of various items. The scavenger hunt was large and challenging, but in the end everything was found. The campers then took turns saying what spiritual lesson they had gathered from the object they found.

As the sun set, the camp grew dark but that didn’t stop everyone from enjoying a popular SA campout event-capture the flag. While the event usually takes place on the beach, there was an unusually high tide, and it was decided to have the game on the campsite instead. Campers had to use flashlights, but this did nothing to dampen their spirits. It only seemed to make the game even more fun.

Exhausted but happy campers returned to their tents late at night. They were worn out from all the running and tagging and generally long day, but they had made memories that will last them a lifetime. New friendships had been made, a closer bond with God had been formed, and they all felt renewed.

Early Sunday morning, everyone packed up and got on the bus for the long trip back. But there wasn’t a grumpy or tired face in site when the bus pulled up to Sherman’s ice cream-a famous stop on the trip back from campout. It was the perfect way to end a wonderful weekend.

Participants are very grateful to Joshua Hong, our SA pastor, and the guest speaker and spiritual leader Brandon vonDorpowski for giving them such a wonderful weekend. It was brilliantly planned and perfectly executed. There could be no better start to the school year.

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    how did you guys come up with the name The Sanjo?

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