Beach Day

By Valerie Curtis

Beach Day

By Valerie Curtis


Andrews Academy has several annual traditions, from the beginning of the year to the end, in which students take a day off of school and take time to bond with their classmates. This year on September 3, instead of packing books and taking notes, students happily tossed aside their backpacks and arrived at the school far past the usual 8:00am bell. An extra half hour or hour of sleep can be all the difference for a teenager.

After a long song service and a talk from Glassford, students headed out the door for the multiple buses needed to heard all two hundred plus people to Warren Dunes for School Picnic Day, also known as Beach Day. It’s always a gamble for good weather when planning a picnic in September, but the Academy was blessed to have beautiful, clear, warm weather.

The morning started off with a large majority of beach goers playing several rounds of volleyball, touch football, soccer, swimming (for those that remembered to bring swim suits), and this year, sailing! Mr. Vandenburgh was thoughtful enough to bring his boat, which a lot of the students enjoyed.

These activities were interrupted by the one thing teens don’t mind stopping play for-food. Lunch was provided by and served by the faculty, and the students were grateful for a good, free meal. There were also a number of volunteers that helped prepare and hand out the meal. A big thank you to these people.

Lunch was followed by much of the same that proceeded it for awhile until the scheduled events began. There was a watermelon relay race, in which different teams passed a watermelon down the line as fast as they could. A swimming race between the four classes was held, and while everyone was still wet they had a water balloon toss.

The two most anticipated events of Beach Day are the sand sculpture contest and the tug of war. Although the results of the sand sculpture contest between the classes remains undecided, all of the designs were incredibly creative and something for each grade to be proud of. It clearly displays the teamwork and unity in the classes to pull together such good ideas in only twenty minutes.

For what is now three consecutive years, the Junior class has emerged victorious in the tug-of-war competition. The size of the class is a great asset, but the encouragement of previous wins is perhaps what most spurred them-the desire to keep their title as reigning champions.

In second place came the sophomores, then the seniors, and lastly the freshmen. All in all it was a day filled with fun and activity. Thank you SA and SA sponsors for a wonderful day!

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