Hodgepodge 2014 by Bobby Cecil


On Tuesday, August 12, Andrews Academy held its first school event of the year, called Hodgepodge. It is an annual event planned and prepared by the school’s Student Association, to kick off the school year with a “non-scholastic, but rather social” orientation. Hodgepodge is a very appropriate name for the event, being a synonym for “confused mixture”. It is meant to let all the new students get formally introduced to their classmates, and to let returning students get reconnected with old friends. All four classes were able to mingle, play games and enjoy each others company over a slice of pizza.

This year the event was held inside the school, due to stormy and humid weather. Among the food served was Silver beach pizza and Mimi’s cupcakes, along with fresh fruit smoothies.


The activities started on the food tables, with students being able to color on the tables themselves and answer fun questions, like “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” and “what did you do over the summer?”. Since the weather prevented any outdoor activities from happening, all the games were played in the gymnasium, including “the human knot” and “the birthday game”. Bouncy houses also were also rented to be a fun addition.


As previously mentioned, two main games were played during the hodgepodge activities, The birthday game and Human Knot. The birthday game involved having students find people born in the same month, competing to see which month formed fastest and letting kids socialize with new people born in the same month as them. The human knot allowed students to rediscover their love of getting pulled back and forth into awkward knots.

Overall, while not being as action packed or wet as its predecessors, this Hodgepodge turned out a moderate success to introduce new students into our family.

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