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Seniors Vs. School

Valerie Curtis


There are a few special events that take place during Senior Spirit week that give our graduating classmates a chance to make some final lasting memories. One of these is the annual Senior vs. School Flag Football Game. It’s an intense, usually fast game that pits the Senior class against various members of the junior, sophomore, and freshmen class.

Early on, volunteer players from the school signed up to be on the boys and girls teams. Practices were held after classes, and both sides worked hard to prepare themselves for the big day. Volunteers from the community, consisting of family members of students as well as staff, coached the teams and organized the selling of food at the event.

After school on September 9, the teams assembled in the football field behind the Academy. Parents, staff, and students cheered on their friends and family as the game went on. It was over all too soon.

The results were both wins for the School team. The schools girl teams won 8 to 6, and the boys team 20 to 16. Whatever the outcome, it was a fun experience for everyone. Audience and participants enjoyed themselves equally.

Senior Convocation

By Valerie Curtis


By Valerie Curtis


There’s no such thing as an ordinary chapel. But once a year in the month of September there is a special service dedicated to the soon-to-be-graduated class of seniors. Tuesday morning of September night had a typical beginning, but after students had filed in and found their seats, the seniors made a special entrance.

In neat order, they marched down the aisles to the front rows, a foreshadowing of their grander procession to be made at the conclusion of this year. Freed for a day from the burden of uniforms, the seniors had dressed up nicely for the occasion, joined by their parents. There was many a camera flash as Mr. Overstreeet started the service with a welcome and a prayer.

And it wouldn’t be a proper senior convocation without some excellent display of musical talent. Special music was provided by Grace Yoon, on the piano, and Grace Joo on the violin. It was amazing to see our own seniors showing just a fraction of their capabilities. This senior class is clearly gifted in music, and it blessed everyone in the chapel.

Anna Benko read the scripture, Isaiah 41:10:

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

It’s a very familiar text to most of us, and that can make us overlook what a powerful message it is. We truly have nothing to fear-God has us in His hand, and He will protect us and shelter us.

This year the class motto is Bene in Christo, which means Success through Christ. Whitley Elzy had the honor of revealing the class of 2014’s banner. The motto was written out on the silver and navy blue banner, the class’s colors, along with their aim: He who is afraid of failure is afraid of success.

Our senior class is a very ambitious, promising group of young people. There is no reason to doubt that they will lead very successful lives. It has been seen by staff and students alike that this class can do anything they set their mind to. Their motto and aim express this very well.

Duane Covrig, a father of one of the senior students, was the speaker for the convocation. He talked about the class’s aim and motto. He gave encouragement and advice to the people about to take the next big step in their lives, reminding them that only through God can we truly be successful.

Carrie Chao and Steven Atkins, which much obvious pride, presented to the school and parents the soon-to-be graduating class of 2014. After the applause, Overstreet delivered his charge to the class. Joel Paea, the senior class president, gave his response to the class and the parents.

Daniel Ghisolf-Astacio, senior class pastor, closed the service with prayer.

SA Campout

By Valerie Curtis


Sixty-five Andrews Academy students shouldered their backpacks on September 5 to head down to Muskegon State Park. There they would spend the weekend worshiping together and growing closer to each and to God. The spiritual program for the weekend was coordinated by Joshua Hong, who invited a special guest that was familiar to almost everyone in the group-Brandon von Dorpowski.

The 2013 graduate led out in vespers, Sabbath School, and church. There was singing, charades on the beach, and the sermon was held at the top of the dunes. Every student that went was incredibly blessed by the events. It was a weekend of great fun and spiritual growth.

Saturday afternoon, after Sabbath School and church, the group had a chance to stretch their legs and run around the campsite in search of various items. The scavenger hunt was large and challenging, but in the end everything was found. The campers then took turns saying what spiritual lesson they had gathered from the object they found.

As the sun set, the camp grew dark but that didn’t stop everyone from enjoying a popular SA campout event-capture the flag. While the event usually takes place on the beach, there was an unusually high tide, and it was decided to have the game on the campsite instead. Campers had to use flashlights, but this did nothing to dampen their spirits. It only seemed to make the game even more fun.

Exhausted but happy campers returned to their tents late at night. They were worn out from all the running and tagging and generally long day, but they had made memories that will last them a lifetime. New friendships had been made, a closer bond with God had been formed, and they all felt renewed.

Early Sunday morning, everyone packed up and got on the bus for the long trip back. But there wasn’t a grumpy or tired face in site when the bus pulled up to Sherman’s ice cream-a famous stop on the trip back from campout. It was the perfect way to end a wonderful weekend.

Participants are very grateful to Joshua Hong, our SA pastor, and the guest speaker and spiritual leader Brandon vonDorpowski for giving them such a wonderful weekend. It was brilliantly planned and perfectly executed. There could be no better start to the school year.

Beach Day

By Valerie Curtis

Beach Day

By Valerie Curtis


Andrews Academy has several annual traditions, from the beginning of the year to the end, in which students take a day off of school and take time to bond with their classmates. This year on September 3, instead of packing books and taking notes, students happily tossed aside their backpacks and arrived at the school far past the usual 8:00am bell. An extra half hour or hour of sleep can be all the difference for a teenager.

After a long song service and a talk from Glassford, students headed out the door for the multiple buses needed to heard all two hundred plus people to Warren Dunes for School Picnic Day, also known as Beach Day. It’s always a gamble for good weather when planning a picnic in September, but the Academy was blessed to have beautiful, clear, warm weather.

The morning started off with a large majority of beach goers playing several rounds of volleyball, touch football, soccer, swimming (for those that remembered to bring swim suits), and this year, sailing! Mr. Vandenburgh was thoughtful enough to bring his boat, which a lot of the students enjoyed.

These activities were interrupted by the one thing teens don’t mind stopping play for-food. Lunch was provided by and served by the faculty, and the students were grateful for a good, free meal. There were also a number of volunteers that helped prepare and hand out the meal. A big thank you to these people.

Lunch was followed by much of the same that proceeded it for awhile until the scheduled events began. There was a watermelon relay race, in which different teams passed a watermelon down the line as fast as they could. A swimming race between the four classes was held, and while everyone was still wet they had a water balloon toss.

The two most anticipated events of Beach Day are the sand sculpture contest and the tug of war. Although the results of the sand sculpture contest between the classes remains undecided, all of the designs were incredibly creative and something for each grade to be proud of. It clearly displays the teamwork and unity in the classes to pull together such good ideas in only twenty minutes.

For what is now three consecutive years, the Junior class has emerged victorious in the tug-of-war competition. The size of the class is a great asset, but the encouragement of previous wins is perhaps what most spurred them-the desire to keep their title as reigning champions.

In second place came the sophomores, then the seniors, and lastly the freshmen. All in all it was a day filled with fun and activity. Thank you SA and SA sponsors for a wonderful day!

Hodgepodge 2014 by Bobby Cecil


On Tuesday, August 12, Andrews Academy held its first school event of the year, called Hodgepodge. It is an annual event planned and prepared by the school’s Student Association, to kick off the school year with a “non-scholastic, but rather social” orientation. Hodgepodge is a very appropriate name for the event, being a synonym for “confused mixture”. It is meant to let all the new students get formally introduced to their classmates, and to let returning students get reconnected with old friends. All four classes were able to mingle, play games and enjoy each others company over a slice of pizza.

This year the event was held inside the school, due to stormy and humid weather. Among the food served was Silver beach pizza and Mimi’s cupcakes, along with fresh fruit smoothies.


The activities started on the food tables, with students being able to color on the tables themselves and answer fun questions, like “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” and “what did you do over the summer?”. Since the weather prevented any outdoor activities from happening, all the games were played in the gymnasium, including “the human knot” and “the birthday game”. Bouncy houses also were also rented to be a fun addition.


As previously mentioned, two main games were played during the hodgepodge activities, The birthday game and Human Knot. The birthday game involved having students find people born in the same month, competing to see which month formed fastest and letting kids socialize with new people born in the same month as them. The human knot allowed students to rediscover their love of getting pulled back and forth into awkward knots.

Overall, while not being as action packed or wet as its predecessors, this Hodgepodge turned out a moderate success to introduce new students into our family.

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