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Looking through the lens with Remington

Photo by Remington Zhu

Photo by Remington Zhu

Photo by Remington Zhu

Photo by Remington Zhu

Each person has his or her own story to share with the world – we only need to ask. Indeed, there are many interesting stories hiding within our very own hallways at Andrews Academy. It can be easy to overlook others and not bother to learn his or her story; perhaps it’s the girl with the adjoining locker or the guy who sits nearby in Religion. Yet we are especially privileged to have students from different ethnic backgrounds at Andrews Academy, each with different interests and goals. Some of which may surprise us, because we have not taken the time to get to know them.

One of my classmates recently shared his story with me. Qingyan Zhu, otherwise known as Remington, is a senior here at Andrews Academy. However, he was born and raised in Shanghai, China. Growing up in the city, he was constantly surrounded by urban and rural places that would later mold and influence his creative gift.

Late in 2010 he was introduced to a series of pictures that were taken by a family friend. The urban street style of photography instantly captured the attention of young Remington. “I’m familiar with every scene from the pictures, but the way he took them made them so unique,” Remington said. “The pictures blew my mind and I decided to learn photography.”

Over the next several years, Remington’s love of photography began to develop and grow into a deep appreciation for the world around him and the memories created in it. Soon he developed his own personal style, inspired by daily life. His goal is to preserve the memory of a place, so that when people later look back at his pictures, the memories of that specific time will last forever. “It’s like when you are at a factory about to be demolished, you can feel its history in the air.” Remington explains, “I want people to be able to look at my pictures and see the memories and places preserved in my pictures.”

“His photography grabs your attention and brings you into the moment in which it was taken,” says Chelcie Coleman. “Its magical how one picture can say so much about a place or person.”

Remington enjoys exploring new techniques. Viewing the work of other people has also inspired him, while he feels comfortable experimenting with new styles and techniques. “Hearing the mechanic parts of a camera working can simply make me happy. I enjoy looking at the world through a different view and a really good shot could make me excited for hours.”

Next year Remington will attend SAIC in Chicago, to major in fine arts. He plans to have a career in photography, such as fashion, landscape or advertisement. “I hope I can acknowledge the development of arts and blend in more-artistic parts, and learn to be more creative – not only capture what I see and apply it to my photos.”

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