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Music Groups to travel to Guatemala


This spring break, March 13-23, Silhouettes and Strings members will go on a mission trip to Guatemala. The trip is ten days long and the mission is to teach others about Jesus through music.

Students who plan to attend the trip are responsible for raising $1,000. Director Hector Flores expects everyone in the two music groups to attend, so the group will be doing fundraising to offset the costs. Currently, students are soliciting financial support through letters to family and friends.

Flores says, “This is the first mission trip for the two music groups at AA.” He also says, “I wanted to plan this trip not only for the people they’re going to perform for, but also for the students at AA.”

Hector Flores seems to be pretty excited about this trip for all the different experiences they will have through their music. As for the students their looking forward most to meeting people, gaining a better relationship with Jesus, and of course sharing the gospel with others. For Raquel Cecil and Ben Shelley this won’t be their first mission trip, but for Jordanne Howell-Walton and many others this will be a first.

Jordanne says, “I want to share the gospel to Guatemala, but I also want Guatemala to show me the gospel.”

Ben Shelley said, “I want others to gain a blessing as well as myself.”

The main goal for the AA students attending this mission trip is to change their own life as well as the lives of others. This trip will show the beauty of the hearts of many students at Andrews Academy.

Andrews Academy hosts Academy Day

​ February 25th is Academy Day, a day when eighth graders from local schools can come and experience what it’s like to attend Andrews Academy. This day is a PR event designed to encourage enrollment for the next school year; it’s an annual tradition that’s been going on at AA for quite a while now.

​ Many of the students here at AA, who once attended nearby elementary schools such as Ruth Murdoch and Village, were once participants in academy day just before their freshman year. When asked how she felt about academy day during her eighth grade year, Junior Ashley Randolph said, “Playing jeopardy in Sherman’s class was really fun!” Each year during Academy Day, Sherman and all of the other teachers pause their daily class schedules to accommodate and plan fun activities for the eighth graders.

​ Some students that were once the recipients of Academy Day, now help out in many different ways to make Academy Day fun for the eighth graders. When asked about his involvement in Academy Day, Junior Eduard Breja, who is a video yearbook staff member, said, “Having a video due in 6 hours without any footage is very difficult and insane. I feel quite stressed during academy day. But hopefully this time we’ll get through it and make an amazing end video!” All of the activities that take place during Academy Day are digitally recorded by Kaleidoscope members and put together in a slide show for everyone to watch at the end of the day.

​ Not only do students get to see what the Academy has to offer, parents also have an opportunity to experience the school. In the evening, after academy day is over, there is an open house available for all of the parents. The open house provides parents with a meal, a tour of the facility, and an overview of student life at AA.

Overall, Academy day is a great opportunity for Andrews Academy to provide a great example towards the younger generation and welcome them into our school with open arms.

Upcoming: NHS Induction, February 23

feat_NHS induction

This year’s 49th NHS induction falls on Sunday, Feb 23. Sixteen new members will be inducted during the service, which will take place at 6 pm in the Richard T. Orrison chapel at Andrews Academy. Inductees must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA, and demonstrate significant commitment to leadership, service, scholarship, and character. The inductees are Will Allen, Sarah Baxter, Robert Benjamin, Michael Bryson, Hazel Byeon, Chelcie Coleman, Claire Covrig, Starr Davis, Talisa Gonzalez, Avia Lowe, Kundani Makimu,  Brendan Mutz, Alayna Rishaug, Ivette Ruban, Jacqueline Weiss, and Julia Westfall.

Students Present Health Week


Health week took place during the week of February 10-14, but some people may have already forgotten what it was all about. Nathan Oakley said it was about “health.” Zach Hannah said “Health week was meant to raise our awareness of unhealthy diets and lifestyles.” They are both right. Health week was about that and more.

The students that presented for health week were from the 11:10 health class taught by Mrs. Butler. They presented all week but Thursday, which is when Daniel Greene and I gave our Appalachian Trail picture presentation.

Mrs. Butler focused the week-long program on the acronym C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N. It stands for Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal relationships, Outlook, Nutrition.

Two groups of three to four students delivered a prevention focusing on one of the letters per group per day. The second group to present was my group, and our letter was N for nutrition. We had students from each class come up and have a healthy eating contest of fruits and veggies. We then gave a short talk about how good nutrition is important. Other groups did skits or talked about their subject, stressing the importance of healthy living.

In the end, health week provided several examples of how to live healthfully and make good choices.

Black History Week Emphasizes Unity, Vision, Hope


Two Weeks ago Andrews Academy had the pleasure of celebrating Black History month within the span of a week.  The speaker, Richard Martin, enlightened everyone on the true meaning of Black History and how to See Anew, Stand Aright, Speak Aloud, and be Saved at Last.

Ms. Wright, the event sponsor, worked with student leaders to coordinate the program. AA and AU alumna Claudia Allen recommended Richard Martin after hearing him speak.

Richard Martin, originally from Tampa, Florida, became Valedictorian at Pine Forge Academy in 2007 and graduated cum laude from Oakwood University with a BA in Theology in 2013. Martin has a gift for preaching the word of the Lord and received the Moseley-Warren Homiletics Award, and was later inducted into the Academy of Preachers. He was one of the first three Seventh-day Adventists to preach at the Academy’s national festivals of young preachers. He currently is working on earning his Masters of Divinity at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary in Berrien Springs.

Each day of the week Martin would challenge the student body with a new phrase. Monday it was See Anew, Tuesday Stand Aright, Thursday Speak Aloud, and finishing strong on Friday with Saved at Last. As the titles indicate, each day’s message challenged students to live lives of integrity, purpose, honor, and hope.

“I wanted people to walk away thinking how far America has come and how enjoyable chapel could be,” said Daniella Saint-Phard, one of the student coordinators. “I didn’t want people saying ‘why do black people get a whole week/month?’ I didn’t want it to be a negative thing. I wanted everyone to walk away with something they liked from the week.”

The week had an unexpected break on Wednesday. Chapel and Assembly were combined to create international Assembly/food fair, which had been put off due to many snow days.

“I think the International Assembly had a positive effect,” said Avia Lowe, another Black History week student leader. “I think it added to the whole unity concept that Black History week had. Plus, everyone likes free food.”

When the week came to an end, many people had positive things to say.

“I really enjoyed it,” Alyssa Manke said. “I thought that the speaker had a very powerful message and I liked the music a lot.”

When asked what she wanted people to take from the week, Avia stated, “That Black History week is not only about the past, but also the present, the future, how far we’ve progressed as a nation, and what we can do to make things better.”

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