Our Processed Food Pyramid

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Although it may seem that the lunch menu is nutritious, looks may be deceiving. “Some of the food is not thoroughly cooked and most is highly processed” says Ross Nelson, Sophomore of AA. At Andrews Academy, an Adventist school, which pyramid are we following? The FDA’s or the Adventist? Technically, we are following the Adventist Food Pyramid, yet, the vegetarian meats are on the menu more than the legumes or natural proteins. Cheese is a topic all in its self. Comparing the two pyramids, they are both the same, each having three servings a day. Looking at our lunch menu, we see that four out of the five meals each week contain a cheese product. On cheese pizza day, you hear comments such as Avia Lowe’s: “You can put like 10 napkins on it and squeeze, and grease just oozes out!”

The menu, as well as these comments cause some people to wonder what happened to Ellen White’s advice from her book Counsels on Diet and Foods. “Butter is less harmful when eaten on cold bread than when used in cooking; but, as a rule, it seems better to dispense with it altogether. Cheese is still more objectionable; it is wholly unfit for food.” In the end, the 200 or more students who purchase the meal plan still eat it. As Anna Rorabeck says, “Food is food.”

So for those of us here at AA, who are accustomed to our greasy grub, what’s the answer to this potential problem? The question is not how to change what the school offers for meals, but rather if we as individuals care enough about our bodies and physical/mental well-being to control what we put into our bodies. If we truly do, we’ll learn how to give our bodies something better. And this is not simply something that is recommended – it’s required. In 1 Corinthians 6:19, it says, “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” We see through this that God has commanded us to take care of our bodies (His Temple) for the glorification of God. If we are to follow God’s will for our life, we must choose to rise to a higher standard, even if that means giving up some of the things (and foods) that we dearly love. And by doing this, we’ll live happier, healthier, fuller lives of true enjoyment.

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