AA to Produce Biennial Play


Andrews Academy’s very own Literary Interpretations class, taught by Mrs. Sari Butler, will be producing the school’s biennial play late this fall. Entitled, Words by Fanny Crosby, this play offers a very good historical account of the life and spiritual journey of the famous hymn writer and poetess. “It’s definitely my desire to have the audience become part of Fanny’s hymn-writing experiences; to feel the depth of her words and to experience how the Holy Spirit moved her – to be challenged to be moved in the very same way,” expressed Butler. Because of the musical nature of this play, quite a number of Crosby’s hymns will be performed throughout the production by way of piano, organ, and voice. With the coaching of local teacher Mrs. Carrie Van Denburgh to guide them, a number of the class students will be serving as musicians, along with their acting parts. Despite the presence of music, Mrs. Butler firmly reiterates that “this play is not a musical.” In fact, music makes up less than one half of the entire production, intermission excluded.

With a cast and crew of only 10 students to match the 14 characters needed, the class is confident that their production of this play will be quite the success. Interestingly enough, Literary Interpretations is made up of female students mostly, with only one male student. Because of the amount of male roles in the script, Mr. Ben Shelley has taken it upon himself to act the parts of the 3 male characters alone. “I’m sure that I’ll be able to memorize all the lines in plenty of time, so long as I spend time working on it. But it isn’t just lines that I memorize: it’s adapting myself to fit the personality of each separate character. God has given me a very deep love for acting, so I’m positive that I’ll enjoy most all of it!” says Shelley.

The Andrews Academy School Play will be held during the evenings of Saturday and Sunday, November 23 and 24. With just over three months to prepare sets and memorize lines, the Literary Interpretations Class is pushing ahead full-throttle to ensure that their performance is as well-prepared as possible. In a short interview, Kayli Mattson gave her opinion of the play, “I’m glad that Mrs. Butler will be serving as our director. She seems to be a very musical person and it’s always nice to have another female’s perspective on things.” Even though most acting roles have already been filled, Mrs. Butler welcomes any non-acting help, such as stage and wardrobe management, scene artists, etc. Both Mrs. Butler and her students hope to see all AA Students, including people from the community, at either of the weekend productions and are eager to assist their audience in reliving the life of Fanny J. Crosby. More details concerning the play are to be announced.

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