Christ’s Challenge to Young People

Young woman reading bible

Almost all of us, including young people, wish to serve God in some way or another, especially if we are truly connected with Him. And usually, when we think of serving Him, we immediately imagine traveling to a far-off land, living the life of a certain ethnic group, and witnessing to the natives. Fortunately, that’s not the only major way to share God with others. If we were to stop, before boarding the plane, and look around, we would see a desperate need for God here on our own soil. Many people in our country have either left God, or not had much of an opportunity to get to know Him. In my opinion, this calls us to be proactive even at home.

Teen-agers often pounce on the opportunity to visit another country, explore a different culture, and meet new people; all while serving God overseas. We definitely view this as encouraging, as we want our young people to serve God always. But they should also be encouraged to serve God at home, in their every-day lives. If we look at our surroundings, we can find hundreds of opportunities to serve Him where we live.

One major way to serve God at home, especially for us teen-agers, is at school. We hardly ever realize it, but there are people around us, at school, every day, who need God’s love shown to them. Obviously, God loves them always, just the same as anyone else. Yet, depending on what they might be going through at the moment, they do not always realize God’s love for them. This is where we, you and I, come in.

We can show God’s love to others through everything we do. What we say, how we act, where we go, and how we relate to others can all show God’s love to others. Unfortunately, they can all  hide  God’s love as well. We must choose how we’ll come across towards others, since our actions, in fact, can show or hide God’s love. Of course, if we choose to “hide” God’s love with our actions, that doesn’t mean that God’s love isn’t there or is weak. It just makes it that much harder for someone, especially one who’s struggling with life. So, as we can see, it’s important to choose our actions wisely. And remember that what we do and say, and how we act reveals what our relationship with God is like. Now this doesn’t mean to develop a relationship with God only for the sake of others. Developing a good relationship with God should be done for the benefit of ourselves, to become a true friend of our creator. Then, we will be able to share Him  with others easily.

This is what love is all about. God has challenged us, the young people of this generation, as well as others, to show others the love that He has shown to us. And once you start sharing this love, it will be easy to keep on sharing. So let’s get sharing! Talk to the new kid in school, invite someone shy to a party, buy something special for someone else; give of yourself to others. That’s the bottom line. And once we’ve accomplished this, we’ll be fully basking in the light of God, and reflecting it to everyone around us. I’m not sure about you, but I think that it’s worth all the trouble. God has asked us to do this. Let’s obey his commands by loving others. And if we can do this, we’ll do wonders.

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