Caffeine: A Metaphor


A new trend has been recently pervading our community, one which people typically don’t give much thought to. But for others it might even be a personal circumstance. What is it, you ask? Caffeine.


As the 8:00 bell rings, students at Andrews Academy rush to their respectable classes, most with same sort of backpack and AA logoed shirts on their backs. But if one were to take a second look, they might see quite a number of hands holding a fresh, steamy McDonald’s Coffee.

“I love it!” Jacqueline Weiss says after being asked what her views are on coffee/caffeine. Answers similar to that of Jacqui’s were similar as teens here at Andrews Academy expressed their views. 12th grader Jordanne Howell-Walton says, “I know that caffeine is very unhealthy, and I do care about the effects, but I’m just so used to it! It’s hard to stop…In all reality caffeine is a drug, but because it’s so common people look to it as a quick fix, something to just get them through the day.” Other responses such as, “Caffeine is a problem for some people,” or “As long as it’s just one cup a day, it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t matter” were common in the interviews.

Moderation in all things. That’s what seems to be the motto engulfing this generation. But does moderation really work? Better yet, does moderation of sin work? Sinning deliberately each day won’t matter, so long as it’s in moderation, right?

“For me, caffeine is like candy. It’s not good for you, but you eat it any ways and it seems good at the moment.” Says Jacqui. This statement is comparable to the text in Romans 7:15, ”I don’t understand what I do. For what I do I do not want to do. But what I hate I do.” In this verse Paul is being very honest. Are the sins that we commit hated and do we care enough to think about it?
Too often the days spent are so little focused on the things of above, which is why no one notices when a day of “Quick Fix Sin” goes by.
An addiction to sin is inevitable. What will you do to change?

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