PMC in Perspective

Pioneer Memorial Church of Seventh-Day Adventists.

You’ve probably heard, from one source or another, that Pioneer Memorial Church (PMC) is so large that it’s impersonal, cold, and unfriendly. You’ll find that most any student has this view, even if they haven’t attended PMC themselves. They say that, because of the number of people that attend, plus the physical size of the building, that church is too large to become involved in and to develop any personal relationships with anyone. As many have said, “PMC is impersonal, not warm or friendly. It’s a nice place to visit, but not a enjoyable place to become a member. People are not very quick to reach out and welcome you in. Plus, it’s so large you feel lost in it all.”

Many students will tell you that they prefer One Place (or possibly other church service locations), a newer and more contemporary christian worship service held on campus, over most any other church, especially PMC. As one student put it, “PMC is more for older folks, and One Place is more for the youth.” Many students from Andrews Academy, including other schools, enjoy attending One Place on a regular basis. Even though they’re both worship environments, PMC and One Place are drastically different. PMC is a more conservative, larger environment, while One Place tends to be much more liberal (Using drums, electric guitars, etc. in their services), relaxed, and smaller.

For me, the church experience at PMC has been the complete opposite. I have, through family visits, been exposed to this church my entire life. I believe that this serves as a major part of my love for PMC. I also know many of the staff members there personally, which allows the environment to feel more personal. Music also plays a large part in my comfort level at PMC. Being the traditionally-minded person that I am, as well as an organist, I truly enjoy the Adventist hymns sung there, mainly for first services. And if you hadn’t noticed, PMC’s organ is amazing! The environment is visually appealing too. All the accented lighting, the beautiful design of the platform and ranks of pipes, as well as the gorgeous stained-glass windows; it truly is a beautiful place to worship.

It’s also very possible to become involved in PMC personally. Many of the youth volunteer their time and are active in the PMC Youth Program and the media team. And I guarantee that, by volunteering your time, the staff members at PMC will be truly grateful to you. Plus, you’d be doing a service for God and for man. Once you’ve begun to volunteer your time, you’ll start developing relationships that will allow PMC to become a more personal place for you to worship.

So let’s give PMC a chance! Don’t judge Pioneer too quickly, especially if you’ve never been. It’s a great place, with great people. Try it out, and you may discover that you enjoy it after all! And remember that, as Mr. Baker says, “Attending PMC is ‘Dwight’ thing to do!”

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