My Shrinking Relationship with God


Zoning out of Bible study I think back to my childhood, when my family and I would have worship every morning and evening. One particular memory that caught my attention was a song that we would often sing, “Read your Bible, Pray every day,” a simple song of just two phrases. I remember stooping for the motions and “growing” every time I “read the bible” in the song.

Read your Bible, pray every day. How important is that? Growing up as a Pastor’s kid, I knew clearly the difference between right and wrong and what to do in order to have a strong relationship with Jesus, which is exactly what I did for the most part. Then high school happened. With every week that went by I was falling back in my commitment with God. At first it wasn’t really visible, but then I started noticing things about myself. Simple things: the way I received critical counsel, or just the manner in which I talked to my friends and parents. I would feel bad later but wouldn’t do anything about it. I suppose I was too lazy to commit. For a time, I blamed God for a lot of things that were going on in my life, and that definitely didn’t help my situation. Stress would often cause depression, and at times would envelope my life. Sometimes sleep was the only way that I could cope, or by snapping at everyone around me. Spiritual highs would come and go, but nothing seemed to stick. I needed help from someone, though I didn’t want my parents’ help. Perhaps it was my sinful nature that took over, but I didn’t seem to want any help from anyone who truly cared about me.

During my Junior Year, a student-led Bible Study group at my school was begun near the beginning of the first semester. At first I thoroughly enjoyed it, seeing my peers come and express their views on the Bible and openly discuss certain controversial topics. But unfortunately, that’s all we seemed to discuss – our views and how we interpreted the Bible. It’s true that we all as Christians must come to our own conclusions about the Bible, but we must also remember that it is to be our standard. When we begin to believe that the Bible should conform to our views, rather than conforming our sinful views and biased hearts to the truth that we discover by reading God’s Word, then something is seriously wrong. Perhaps it is because we as young people are not reading the Bible or spending time in prayer as frequently as we should, which results in the drawing of our own conclusions about God.

As I realized the significance of that two-phrase song, one that was sung so many times years ago, I finally began to understand (thank God) that the Bible is key in a good Christian walk with Jesus. By reading God’s Word and constantly talking with Him, we begin to understand the joys of being connected to Christ – something that I now truly love and cherish!

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