Choral program purchases new piano


Thanks to a generous donation, the Andrews Academy choral program received a new baby grand piano on Thursday, September 6. The cost was eight thousand dollars which, according to music teacher Mr. Hector Flores, is a great price for a piano like that.  It’s also a great investment for the school.

Mr. Flores said that the old piano’s tone wasn’t as good as the baby grand piano’s acoustics.

The new piano is a Young Chang, and it will be used by the music department for choir, recitals, and for students to practice on.  It replaces a well-worn upright piano.

A baby grand piano was chosen because the sound is much better than an upright. ‘’I prefer the sound and quality of the grand piano,’’ Mr. Flores said.  The AA music department will be investing in a humidity control system for the piano so that it will stay in tune and last as long as possible.

Mr. Flores really likes the new piano and thinks it is a good investment and a much needed purchase.


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