Week of Prayer: “Labels”

Pastor Hall warns against the damaging effects of labels.

Wednesday morning, students sat in the the chapel to listen to Pastor Hall speak again.

Even though he was late, God willed that week of prayer would go on for today. With Mr. Overstreet starting out, covering for Pastor Hall, all the students waited anxiously.

Hall soon arrived and delivered a message of how we need to avoid labeling people. Opening up about his personal life and telling a story from the Bible, Hall shared some of the labels that had been applied to him when he was younger.

1 Chronicles 4:9-10 relates how Jabez doesn’t want to live up to his name, which translated means “pain.” He asks the Lord to bless him, and promises that he would be a blessing to others.

We may not realize it, but when we gossip or spread a rumor about someone, others may start thinking about that person negatively. We need to see how that may hurt that person, and instead of talking behind their backs, we should talk to them. We need to see who they really are, and ignore the gossips. You might make a friend for life or, even better, save a life.

The chapel ended and students were dismissed to their classes, which were shortened for the morning.

Tonight we have a week of prayer evening meeting at 7:00 in the AA Chapel. Hope you go!

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