Week of Prayer: “Jesus Wept”

Week of Prayer with Pastor Hall continued this evening in the AA chapel. Although the chapel wasn’t full, many students showed up with their parents.

Charela Evans and Melisa Ruhupatty gave a special music to start the program. It seemed almost immediately that laughter went through the audience as soon as Pastor Hall stood up and opened his mouth, first giving greetings to us from his wife and son, then moving into his topic for this evening.

Basing his talk on John 11, Pastor Hall explored Lazarus’ story and compared it to our walk with Jesus. “Where is our best friend we need Him the most?” he asked.

As the sermon continued, the tone became more serious as Pastor Hall related his personal story to: how he found out last year that he was supposed to die of an incurable heart disease. Before surgery Pastor Hall said  goodbye to his wife and son, not knowing if he would ever see them again.  Unable to control his emotions any longer, he cried in fear of losing the ones he loved.

As Hall wept, so in John 11:35 it says that “Jesus wept.” Jesus cried because his heart had also been broken.

Pastor Hall concluded by saying that we need to stop keeping the stone there, the pain that binds us.  Instead, we need to roll it back, give it to Him, and our Lazarus’ will come forth.

Why didn’t Jesus come when He was most needed? Hall asked. Because He saved his Greatest miracle for his best friend, and He will do the same for you!

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