AA Seniors Show Their Spirit


Seniors Vanna Giddings and Gielle Kuhn show off their wild side for Animal Day!

The past week the AA seniors have shown their spirit and support in their class through Spirit Week.
The week included several creatively themed days planned by seniors Gielle Kuhn, Noël Harris, and Shelly Grellman then a long awaited class trip on September 16.
Monday, the day which seemed to have the most positive reaction, was animal day. Students showed up as bunnies, zebras, lions and even Sasquatch. On Tuesday students dressed and behaved their best for the convocation service then later transitioned into game mode on the AA football field during the school vs. senior football games. Wednesday, Jersey day, most seniors happily wore their winning team jerseys from the previous night’s game, but some other favorable teams were sported also. Thursday was Childhood career dress up day. Seniors dressed as doctors, cowboys, and even dolphin trainers. The spirit themes ended on Friday with casual day; a day planned for relaxing and taking a break from the new uniforms.

Though many seniors enjoyed the themes of spirit week some thought and voiced other opinions. A happier senior Aram Chong said “I thought it was funny especially the animal day! And it was cool how most of them were nurses, Doctors, PTs, or whatever for today [Thursday].” “They [spirit themes] were decent, but many students complained of having our choices vetoed. Many didn’t want a jersey day or causal day,” said a displeased senior who has asked to remain anonymous. No matter the opinions on the themes at the end of the week the point is the seniors had some time to show their pride, stand out as a class, and also be silly before the weight of the year gets too serious.  You cannot depend on the staff or parents to bring school spirit. It has to come from the student body, which starts with you. The stronger our spirit is, the more enjoyable the year will be.

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