Respected AA Teacher Takes on New Alumni Job

Thomas Baker has agreed to take on a new position as the Andrews Academy Alumni director this year.

Mr. Baker has a history with Andrews Academy. He taught English and German at the Academy for the past 35 years before retiring last school year. His new job includes corresponding with former students regarding the upcoming AA alumni weekend and helping the school raise money via letter writing to Alumni. Working alongside Mr. Baker will be Ms. Pickett, mother of sophomore Jordan Pickett, who will start her 2nd year working with the Alumni department.

This isn’t the first time a beloved member of the AA faculty has decided to stay around for a little bit longer after retirement. Richard T. Orrison, a former principal of AA who served with and was admired by Baker for 15 years, also became the alumni director after retiring. When Mr. Overstreet proposed the idea last spring Mr. Baker agreed.

Apparently 35 years of service to Andrews Academy wasn’t enough for Mr. Baker. He has a deep love for AA and its students.

“I love the students; they are great,” says the new Alumni director. “They’re the most wonderful group of students I have ever taught.”

When asked how long he plans to work with the alumni department before retiring completely, Mr. Baker answered, “It’s not how long I decide to work with the alumni department, it’s how long the alumni department decides to work with me.”

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