Andrews Academy Students Take Part in Puerto Rico Trip


Cavan Miller

On an early morning, June 5th, 2012, students boarded the United Airways flight 97, headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico. “This tour is an educational tour that helps open up new opportunities while using the Spanish language,” said group leader Señora Keila Sanchez. Spanish teacher Keila, along with her husband Luis, and PE teacher John Reichert were the group leaders.

The group was to stay in the Universidad de las Antillas in Mayaguez, a town about three hours west of San Jaun. The trip was approximately a week and a half, and the schedule differed with many interesting activities. The entire group traveled to famous places such as Plaza las Delicias, Parque de Bombas and many more. “There was much more poverty; some people even rode horses in the streets,” explained sophomore Nathan Hamblin.

The students were also “immersed” in the culture, not only allowing them to use and practice their Spanish, but almost requiring it as they ordered food, asked for directions, or just tried to talk to the natives of the island. The students enjoyed much of the coastline, actually visiting the well-known “Playa de Ponce,” which is a beach in the city of Ponce.

During their 10 days on the island, the group visited a number of different places. One of the most interesting places that the group was able to be a part of was at Icacos Island, where students had the opportunity to go sailing, snorkeling or swimming in the bright Caribbean waters. The group also visited the San German de Auxerre Casa, which is the most photographed and widely recognized house on the entire island.

“The trip in general was very fun because I used a lot of Spanish, ate lots of food, and broadened my horizons,” said junior Ricky Moore.


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