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AA Seniors Show Their Spirit


Seniors Vanna Giddings and Gielle Kuhn show off their wild side for Animal Day!

The past week the AA seniors have shown their spirit and support in their class through Spirit Week.
The week included several creatively themed days planned by seniors Gielle Kuhn, Noël Harris, and Shelly Grellman then a long awaited class trip on September 16.
Monday, the day which seemed to have the most positive reaction, was animal day. Students showed up as bunnies, zebras, lions and even Sasquatch. On Tuesday students dressed and behaved their best for the convocation service then later transitioned into game mode on the AA football field during the school vs. senior football games. Wednesday, Jersey day, most seniors happily wore their winning team jerseys from the previous night’s game, but some other favorable teams were sported also. Thursday was Childhood career dress up day. Seniors dressed as doctors, cowboys, and even dolphin trainers. The spirit themes ended on Friday with casual day; a day planned for relaxing and taking a break from the new uniforms.

Though many seniors enjoyed the themes of spirit week some thought and voiced other opinions. A happier senior Aram Chong said “I thought it was funny especially the animal day! And it was cool how most of them were nurses, Doctors, PTs, or whatever for today [Thursday].” “They [spirit themes] were decent, but many students complained of having our choices vetoed. Many didn’t want a jersey day or causal day,” said a displeased senior who has asked to remain anonymous. No matter the opinions on the themes at the end of the week the point is the seniors had some time to show their pride, stand out as a class, and also be silly before the weight of the year gets too serious.  You cannot depend on the staff or parents to bring school spirit. It has to come from the student body, which starts with you. The stronger our spirit is, the more enjoyable the year will be.

Respected AA Teacher Takes on New Alumni Job

Thomas Baker has agreed to take on a new position as the Andrews Academy Alumni director this year.

Mr. Baker has a history with Andrews Academy. He taught English and German at the Academy for the past 35 years before retiring last school year. His new job includes corresponding with former students regarding the upcoming AA alumni weekend and helping the school raise money via letter writing to Alumni. Working alongside Mr. Baker will be Ms. Pickett, mother of sophomore Jordan Pickett, who will start her 2nd year working with the Alumni department.

This isn’t the first time a beloved member of the AA faculty has decided to stay around for a little bit longer after retirement. Richard T. Orrison, a former principal of AA who served with and was admired by Baker for 15 years, also became the alumni director after retiring. When Mr. Overstreet proposed the idea last spring Mr. Baker agreed.

Apparently 35 years of service to Andrews Academy wasn’t enough for Mr. Baker. He has a deep love for AA and its students.

“I love the students; they are great,” says the new Alumni director. “They’re the most wonderful group of students I have ever taught.”

When asked how long he plans to work with the alumni department before retiring completely, Mr. Baker answered, “It’s not how long I decide to work with the alumni department, it’s how long the alumni department decides to work with me.”

Rainy Skies Can’t Dampen Campers’ Spirits


Students fell asleep late Friday night on September 7 to the soothing sound of a soft rain gently beating against their tents. Warmly snuggled into their sleeping bags – some of the boys packed together like sardines – the campers dozed off during the first night of SA campout at Muskegon state park. Little did they know they were in for a long night.

Waking up, several students felt a sense of discomfort. Their feet were extremely cold and wet and the bottoms of the once cozy sleeping bags were soaked. Scrambling around to find a flashlight to survey the scene, many wet campers came to the same conclusion: Their tents had flooded.

Rain was the theme this year on SA campout, giving the students a new view on camping that they probably won’t soon forget. Surprisingly, a cheerful attitude was abundant around the campsite.

“Even throughout the rain and wet tent,” said senior Serena Wineland, “we still had a ton of fun laughing and hanging out with friends.”

The 60 AA students that attended the campout enjoyed various activities such as  swimming at the beach, making s’mores, constructing fires to roast them on, and hanging out with old friends while making new ones.

Hamblin and Mutz wait patiently for food.

The group gathered in the pavilion for worship, meals, and games.

Sabbath afternoon the group canoed down a nearby river. Some of the boys who thought that they didn’t have to listen to the instructor’s advice about paddling and handling the canoe found themselves barely keeping up with the pack, while other groups paddled swiftly down the river, arriving at the pickup point early enough to overturn canoes that arrived later.

Every night Dr. Kuhn, father of senior class president Gielle Kuhn, gave words of encouragement to the students. He captured the students’ imagination with many stories about how God had miraculously protected him in different situations. His overall message was that God has been there for him, and that He will be there for students now and for eternity.

Saturday night all 60 students climbed the nearby dune to play a traditional game of Capture-the-Flag on the beach. The beach air was filled with laughter and screams. A group of students did their best spy-impersonation while sneaking among the beach grass. After the second game, a storm appeared on the horizon, sending the group scrambling back over the dune to camp.

Luckily the cooks for the weekend, Ms. Metzger and Ms. Gracie, had bought a pinata to go along with their Spanish themed food they had prepared. Students showed their ability to see the silver lining of a bad situation again, and a game of “Smack the Pinata” began. Every time the wooden club collided with the pinata the crowd would go wild.

A game of “Chubby Bunny” followed the pinata party, requiring contestants to see how many marshmallows they could fit into their mouths while reciting the phrase “Chubby Bunny” after each new marshmallow. Andrew Simpson wowed the crowd as he enunciated the phrase with 15 marshmallows jam-packed into his mouth.

Throughout the weekend students were able to make light of the rainy conditions. Even though it rained every night, spirits were not dampened. Many memories were made, and students devised creative ways to keep their tents and gear dry.  For the students who attended, SA campout will be a memorable experience.


Andrews Academy Students Take Part in Puerto Rico Trip


Cavan Miller

On an early morning, June 5th, 2012, students boarded the United Airways flight 97, headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico. “This tour is an educational tour that helps open up new opportunities while using the Spanish language,” said group leader Señora Keila Sanchez. Spanish teacher Keila, along with her husband Luis, and PE teacher John Reichert were the group leaders.

The group was to stay in the Universidad de las Antillas in Mayaguez, a town about three hours west of San Jaun. The trip was approximately a week and a half, and the schedule differed with many interesting activities. The entire group traveled to famous places such as Plaza las Delicias, Parque de Bombas and many more. “There was much more poverty; some people even rode horses in the streets,” explained sophomore Nathan Hamblin.

The students were also “immersed” in the culture, not only allowing them to use and practice their Spanish, but almost requiring it as they ordered food, asked for directions, or just tried to talk to the natives of the island. The students enjoyed much of the coastline, actually visiting the well-known “Playa de Ponce,” which is a beach in the city of Ponce.

During their 10 days on the island, the group visited a number of different places. One of the most interesting places that the group was able to be a part of was at Icacos Island, where students had the opportunity to go sailing, snorkeling or swimming in the bright Caribbean waters. The group also visited the San German de Auxerre Casa, which is the most photographed and widely recognized house on the entire island.

“The trip in general was very fun because I used a lot of Spanish, ate lots of food, and broadened my horizons,” said junior Ricky Moore.


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