Students, Parents Say ‘Registration Process too Slow’


Registration at Andrews Academy has always been known as a difficult and stressing time to students, parents, and even faculty. But this year’s new and supposedly “streamlined” technique seems to be the cause of frustration for everyone involved.

“It seems a lot less organized this year,” one parent commented. “I’m not sure why but it seems to be taking more time.”

One possible explanation for the slowdown could be the plumbing incident that happened over the prior weekend. A pipe in the library had burst, causing rusty water to leak onto the walls and carpets, inevitably ruining all the hard work put in by Mr. Spoon and the rest of the summer team towards the renovation of the school.

With caution tape surrounding a majority of the library, where most of the stations for registering are usually located, students and parents are rerouted to unfamiliar venues – several of them being crammed into the already bustling commons area.

The recent inconvenience of a burst pipe may be the cause for the confusion and slowed process at registration.


While this may be the main cause for this year’s grueling process, other students feel as though it is an annual ritual that remains unchanged. “It’s always too slow,” Jessica Condon, Junior, said. “It would be better if it was online.”

Some of the faculty heartily agree with this statement. “In my eight years of working here, nothing’s changed [with registration].” Ms. Gracie responded.  “When you have fifty people coming in at a time, the lines are going to be long.”

Krista Metzger, also being interviewed at the time added that “when you have 220 customers and only two cashiers, things are going to go slowly.”

Not surprisingly, Pastor Glassford, who has recently doubled as a vice principal, voiced some innovative ideas on how to keep people happy, as well as speeding up the process. “I want to make it like a breakfast buffet,” he said as he proceeded to explain how he wished to make next year’s registration confined to one area, reducing the confusion and the stress on faculty.

Despite the difficult process, students seemed to be able to stay positive and lighthearted as they prepared for a new year and reunited with friends.

“Yeah it’s stressful,” one student admitted, “but at least it gave us more time to talk to each other and catch up.”

Hopefully the reconstruction and the cleaning of the library won’t delay any more school-related operations in the future.








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  1. Susan Curtis says:

    Great article, well rounded and informative. Liked the photos as well.

  2. Leslie says:

    Great article Tori! I’m glad to see that your abilities are finally being recognized – I remember your frustration haha!! Is there enough staff on the newspaper this year??

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