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Let the “Real” Race Begin

In this year’s presidential campaign, different strategies have been used by the  political parties in order to best position themselves for the candidacy. The democrats have relied on using Obama’s powerful speech ability and his experience as president to secure his spot as the Democratic front runner and illiminate any unnecessary “blood shedding.” The GOP has had multiple front runners and have established that it will be no easy race for the frontrunner.

Most recently, it was a close race between conservative Evangelical Rick Santorum and the more liberal Mormon Mitt Romney. For the past month or so they have been battling it out throughout the states, scrambling for delegates and attempting to tarnish each other’s name along the way.

The two-man race has been narrowed down to the clear front runner: Mitt Romney. This is good news for the GOP. As Santorum drops out, it leaves the battle to be waged with Obama solely in Romney’s hands.

As a moderate myself, I think that this was the best case scenario for the GOP. Having two different candidates battle it out until they got to the national convention would do more harm than good. With Santorum out, this gives Mitt the time and money he needs to plan his presidential campaign and begin to win over GOP voters. Romney is a more moderate candidate and I believe he will be able to win over more voters than the Evangelical conservative, Santorum. Now that there is a definite front runner, Obama now has a clear “enemy” in the presidential campaign and must focus his attention on Romney. In general, Mitt is a more solid candidate in that he is more fiscally capable and has the ability to win over moderate voters, the wealthy population, and hopefully conservative voters.

Over the past months, multiple GOP front runners have taken turns slinging mud at each other, attempting to win delegates, and further their position in the party. They have been wounding each other and sticking their foots in their mouths, all the while the “giant,” President Obama, sat back and watched them tear each other apart. Not only did the lack of a clear front runner give the candidates the opportunity to attempt to try and find flaws, lies, or other unsavory information about the other. It also split many of the delegates on who they would choose as the front runner. This caused the problem of having the front runners’ campaigns drag out longer, spend more money fighting each other, and divide the GOP voters on their allegiance.

As Santorum drops out, it finally ends the long and bloody war for the GOP front runner and now allows Mitt Romney to focus his attention on battling the true “enemy” of the GOP: Obama. Although the battle is won, the war for the presidency is far from over and I am sure, as the new front runner is declared, that this presidential race will be an interesting race down to the last state, the last county, and the last delegate.


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