Politics and You

I love politics. Since my youth, I have been an ardent follower of politics and how they affect our lives. My grandfather was my main inspiration. Being a retired Air Force Major, one of his favorite hobbies was to follow politics, write letters to the editor in local and state newspapers, and even write well-crafted letters to candidates. His dedication to politics is something I will always remember. His involvement illustrates an important point: citizens should be involved in the direction and tenor of their country. Unfortunately, Americans are growing increasingly apathetic about political involvement, convinced that there is little they can do to influence change.
Believe it or not, politics can and does have a profound and long-lasting impact on our daily lives. The bills, laws, treaties, and orders Congress passes can impact the American life for years to come. However, much of the younger generation has become steeped in apathy about the political landscape. Frankly, I can understand why.
As of late, Washington has been able to run unchecked by the public, to the point that many Americans feel that they have no say in what goes on.
While setting the stage and putting into place a constitution for this country, the Founding Fathers felt it essential that checks and balances were in place, in order to ensure that the federal government never obtained too much power. Their intention was to place the reigns in the hands of the American public. However, with new interpretations of the Constitution, we have let the federal government step over some of these checks and balances, creating the impression that there politicians have little respect for their constituents. Many are so disgruntled that they feel that all politicians in Washington need to be replaced.
How have we strayed so far from the Founding Fathers’ original purpose of government? Much of the problem is that politicians are more worried about getting paid and re-elected than actually making beneficial decisions for their districts. Federal debt is also a huge part of the problem. Various wars and disasters have dug us into a hole of debt we may never get out of. Washington is also spending money they don’t have on things we don’t need. Earmarks for various bills, stimulus packages, increased health care problems, immigration issues, and other big issues of the decade have set us so far into debt that, unless a solution is found, the next generation will have problems so large they may not be able to cope. Fourteen trillion dollars of debt is not an acceptable number. When there is debt, spending needs to be cut, and debts need to be paid off.
It is easy to become disillusioned and bitter about voting in this election season. If you feel this way, vote anyway. Your vote does make a difference. People who faithfully vote during election season help decide the fate of the country. Have your say in what happens. Not only this, but if you’re not happy with something, do something about it. A growing trend in politics is the use of online petitions. Many of these petitions, like the one about blocking SOPA, have stopped bills and grabbed the attention of politicians. When you feel like your vote doesn’t count, remember who voted the officials in Washington into office. Citizens did. Americans did. We have a voice. Make Congress hear yours this election season.

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