Overstreet Attends Tech Conference

Even when you are the principal, sometimes you have to be a student. That’s what Principal Overstreet discovered at the three-day Technology Conference he attended recently in Orlando, Florida.

Besides learning to remain in a seat for several all-day sessions, Overstreet joked, he also learned how new technology can impact the way students learn in the classroom.

“I would love to see everyone here at Andrews Academy have an iPad,” Overstreet said about the tablets that connect to the Internet and can be used to write, read ebooks (including textbooks), and have apps for both fun and learning.  Some schools have already experimented with iPads in the classroom, providing them a digital means of note taking, organization, and keeping track of classroom information.  Overstreet was impressed by the conference and believes that “iPads can effectively help students learn.”

The slim and compact iPad would replace heavy, bulky textbooks.  They also have the potential to reduce textbook costs by nearly as much as 85%.  The iPad version of the biology textbook, published by Pearson, sells for 14.99, as opposed to the used textbook price of approximately $60.

Other things Prinicipal Overstreet learned included how technology can help students and teachers on a day-to-day basis learn better in the the classroom.

After attending the technology conference, Overstreet said he would like all the teachers to incorporate their teaching methods with an iPad.  He said that there is a plan to provide each teacher with an iPad.

Overstreet said he would like to see the teachers encouraging students to use iPads and laptops in the classroom.  The challenge, of course, is to integrate technology into the classroom in a way that complements education without distracting students.

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