What I Wish I’d Known: Seniors Share Tips for Success

Hopefully, throughout the four years they’ve spent at Andrews Academy, the seniors have successfully learned some math, English, and science – maybe even life lessons a book couldn’t teach. This is what some of the members of the senior class had to say in response to the question: What is one thing you wish you knew or that you were told your freshman year?

Alyson Drew stated, “The importance of good friends and not to be shy about talking to people.”

Jeffrey Emile shared, “One thing I wish I knew as a freshman at Andrews Academy is that studying is important. Yeah, it’s your first year in high school, but grades are still important. College isn’t free.”

Zach Reichert said, “I wish I would have known that everything you learn in class matters. It all comes back later on the ACTs or in other classes!”

Aldeana Foster wrote, “I wish I knew that being on time was important.”

Bethany Puffer shared, “The best advice anyone has ever given to me was ‘don’t date until you’re in college,’ and I wish I would’ve known that freshman year.”

Dillon Zimmerman answered, “Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with harder classes. You may have to work harder, but you’ll learn more.”

Ashley Reichert stated, “By the time you’re a senior, you really won’t care what people think of you… so just be yourself!”

Hayley Lofthouse said, “Don’t miss class, because it’s so easy to get behind and mess up the rest of your semester.”

Reginald Desrosiers said simply, “The value of hard work.”

Michael Plantak shared, “The ACT and PSAT contain basically everything you learn in the math and English classes freshman through junior year.  So, if you actually remember what you learn, you should be good.”

Kyle Whiteside sarcastically said, “I wish I knew how to talk to girls.”

The advice these classmates have given hasn’t been given to fill up an article on The Sanjo‘s website – it’s presented to inspire and encourage younger students to try their best in their high school years, because this is the only preparation they’re going to get before college hits them. Yes, it probably seems far away, but days at the Academy might as well fly by. Learn good strategies while you can, and prepare for the future.

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  1. Konner says:

    I wish I had been told who had won the super-bowl. That way I could have placed some bets and made some money.

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