Hungry for Warmth: Satellite Inspires

Satellite this year focuses on what we are spiritually hungry for.  The Satellite program on February 3, began with a brief talk by sophomore Jessica Yoong about where the phrase “cold shoulder” originated.  She explained that in medieval times when one was invited to someone’s home, they expected the guest to stay at least the whole day, and often over a period of weeks.  If the guest overstayed their welcome, the host would serve  a cold shoulder (the shoulder of the meat).  It was called a cold shoulder, because it was served cooked, but cold.

Song service was introduced with Psalms 106:2, ” Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the LORD
or fully declare his praise?  ”   The theme song of the series is “Hungry (Falling on my Knees)”.

A skit followed song service with a very powerful message.  The skit began with Bayley Young in an elevator.  He seemed to be a very lonely man.  He first tried to befriend  Charela Evans and Kaitlin McArthur, who portrayed two stuck up people, who are too busy for anyone else, and focused on their phones.  They exited the elevator and Julia Westfall entered.  She said hello, but as soon as Bayley tried to be friendly, she freaked out and tried to get off the elevator as quickly as possible.  Jess Yoong, James Joo, and John Henri Rorabeck came on the elevator talking about a Bible study that they were having on Thursday, but still they didn’t include Bayley in the conversation.  Jess asked at the conclusion, “Do you think he wanted to come along.”  The others quickly replied, “No, he would have said something if he wanted to come.”   The point of the skit was that as Christians, people don’t always reach out to strangers, who may want to know God.  They limit themselves to those who already know God.

Pastor Carlos Pasillas invited Kim, a university student, to share a poem about love for God.  Pastor Carlos’s message was about Samson and how Christians can relate to him.   He concluded that God is still in the work of changing people and not to let your life end as Samson’s did.

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