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The Best Presents EVER

Have you ever wondered what makes a gift a success?   Why is a present the best thing in the world one year and not even a hit the next? Are we merely the pawns of advertising?

Have you ever watched small children play more with the wrapping paper or box than the gift itself?  A box could become their own little house, a cave or a pirate ship.  As the years pass, the imagination fades and the box and wrapping paper aren’t nearly as exciting.

It’s interesting how sometimes the simplest Christmas present is the most treasured.  Connections from the heart really matter. Surprises also may be a big hit.

Students and staff were polled as to what was their favorite gift of  this Christmas, or a previous holiday.

Sarah Johnston replied: “My dog, Mika, had to be the best Christmas present I ever got.”

Kristen Baldwin said: ” My iPod.”

Michelle Spoon stated: “My five finger shoes.”

Sami Kissinger struggled to come up with an answer, but finally decided that: “My sling-shot was the best Christmas present I received.”

Mr. Atkins cited: “Our family gift: a new puppy.”

Robert Benjamin said: “Learning about Christ.”

Tracy Vu responded: “A ticket for bungee jumping”.

Mr.Overstreet hesitated, but decided that: “My Atlanta Falcons football jersey was my best gift.”

Though responses vary depending on the person, it all goes to prove that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  No one mentioned the box though.

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