Senior vs. School Basketball Game

This past Tuesday, January 31, the seniors brought the class of 2012 a victory. The boys’ game was filled with amazing passes and shots. Lead shooter for the first half on the senior team was A.J. Poole, scoring 15 of the 23 points. On the school team, lead scorer Jordan Mondak made 4 of the 14 points that the school team received in the first half. In the second half the school’s lead switched to Brandon Vondorpowski who made 9 of the 23 points, giving them a total of 37 at the end of the game. During the second half the points changed from Poole to Jeremy Faehner who made 6 of the 22 points, giving the seniors a total of 45 points and claiming the win, 45 to 37.

The girls game was altogether different in the sense that there weren’t that many senior girls playing. The team was made up of 1 senior, 4 juniors, and 1 sophomore, making it a somewhat school vs. upperclass-women game. In the first half the school girls only managed to make 6 points across the board, but in the second half Lydia Applewhite and Casey Drew both made 2 points giving them 4 points in the second half. This gave the school girls a total of 10 points in the whole game. Lead scorer throughout the whole game was senior Aushyna Kerr making a total of 14 points though out the whole game. The upperclass-women won the game with a total of 34 points winning the game 34 to 14. I tip my hat to the girls, both the upperclass-women and the school girls, because they played hard even though people left. All in all the both games were very exciting and all participants played their hearts out.

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