Ice cream, Ice skates, Fruitcakes, Golf balls, and God

Classes meet to ice skate at the Howard arena before going to their class vespers.

The last class vespers was January 27. Prior to the vespers, the students enjoyed ice skating at the Howard ice skating rink in Saint Joseph.  Following the skating activity, the Seniors and Juniors had combined vespers, as did the Freshmen and Sophomores. Approximately 75 students participated.

While at the John and Dee Dee Howard Rink, smiling faces were not hard to find. Bonds were made, along with bruises.  Although some were more advanced skaters, there was no hesitation to try to help others skate, even if they were just about as unskilled as the person they were trying to help.

Sarah Johnston said, “I enjoy ice skating because it makes me feel like I’m flying.” John Henri Rorabeck remarked, “Ice skating was a pretty slick idea,” and Mr. Reichert observed, “Skating is fun, because people of all ages can skate together and have fun.”

At 5:35 the buses were loaded and the students went their separate ways. The Freshmen/Sophomores went to the Gonzalez’s house and the Juniors/Seniors went to the Rorabeck’s  house. Both groups had supper at their hosts’ homes.

The Freshmen/ Sophomores enjoyed a small sermonette by Joy Ngugi, while the Juniors/ Seniors listened to a brief talk by John Henri Rorabeck.  Both groups watched DVD sermons by Loui Giglio.The Freshmen/ Sophomores watched one about “If the Earth was the Size of a Golf ball” and the Juniors/Seniors watched “Fruitcake and Ice cream”.

Melody Collins stated, “Vespers was cool because I got to see a lightning rock and I’ve never seen one of those before.”

Kaitlyn Hart said, ” I like having joint vespers more than having class vespers.”

Ms. Chao declared, “Joint vespers is fun, and I think we should do something like this more than once a year.”

Question:  What do ice skates, golf balls, fruit cake, ice cream and God add up to?  Answer:  A lot of fun!

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