Rumors: iPad 3 in February?

The much anticipated iPad 3 has already sparked numerous rumors, but some of the most recent – and more accurate rumors – indicate that it may debut in February with a full launch in March. All the Apple fanboys, rejoice! With such an early launch, we can all fall into debt sooner, and, for the rest of us that can’t afford to be in debt, we can still drool.

iPad 3 Concept

The iPad 3 will look like the iPad 2, pictured above, but the redesigned insides will be a game changer.

Various sources of information suggest that this iPad will be slightly thicker. However, the 1mm difference will be undetectable. The slight increase in thickness, however insignificant it may seem, allows for Apple to completely rearrange the internal parts.  The base concept and design of the iPad 2 will not change.

The iPad 3 is, in essence, an “iPad 2S,” much like the recently released iPhone 4S.  Here’s what will be going on in the inside, according to the rumors: Full HD Retina Display, Quad Core Processor, improved camera and battery, and the newest, most unexpected feature, 4G LTE.  What does all of this mean?  It means a faster, more feature-packed iPad that will allow users to browse the web at lightning fast speeds from anywhere.

With the new and improved battery life and quad core processor, the new iPad can easily handle the immense power requirements of 4G LTE. Supplier shipment lists indicate that 4G LTE parts are being shipped to Apple already, so there’s a good possibility that we’ll see 4G LTE functionality in the new iPad. The screen is said to be amazing, and very well might have more pixels than an HDTV. This will allow for stunning graphics in games and other programs.

Hopefully, we will see the iPad 3 in February, but until then, we can manage to wait patiently – like a four-year-old waits patiently for Christmas.

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