Andrews Academy Students Chill out with God

Sixty-six students left school at about 1:30P.M. on January 19, for Bible camp at Camp Au Sable. The bus ride up was full of laughter, sleeping, card games, singing and anticipation of  the time at camp.

Once they arrived at camp, the girls dispersed  to their rooms under the auditorium, while the guys stowed their stuff in the lobby and cafe areas, awaiting their ride to the Fort.

Although Mrs. Butler gave a talk the first night about how precious we are to God, the main speaker for the weekend was Pastor Goetz. He talked about the Cross and the Road to Emmaus and used each stanza of the theme song “How Deep The Father’s Love for Us” as the topic of his talks.

After the guys and girls wished each other good night Thursday night, they soon realized that they were not actually going to bed, but they were in fact going to break out  sessions. The girls went into the auditorium and listened to a song called “I Stand in Awe of You,” followed by tea in the cafeteria. Breanna Wood said “What I enjoyed the most about camp was the connection you get with the people there.” While the girls were in the auditorium the guys went out to the fort and made fires and had snowball fights. Ben VanderWaal said, “Staying in the fort was some good male bonding.” John Henri Rorabeck said  that he “loved sleeping in the fort with everyone. Cavan gave us all cups of  joe.”

With guys and girls dedicated to specific tasks as part of the experience, the girls made communion bread, made boxes, and wrote cards of encouragement to the guys and to each other throughout their Friday afternoon. The guys, preferring an outdoor task, made a fire ring on the ice with seats made of snow (but due to the fact that the hole they dug in the ice never froze over, it was never used) and hosted a special breakfast for everyone on Sunday morning.

The highlight Friday night was communion in the auditorium.  The group followed the communion service with a walk to a little church in the woods, where they continued the worship experience with singing. When they returned to the auditorium, Pastor Glassford talked more about Passover and how it was celebrated during Jesus’ time. He then burned the leftover bread in the fire.

Sabbath School consisted of a drama, Bible study, and Bible trivia. Church was led by Pastor  Goetz who told of the Road to Emmaus. The campers took their own road to Emmaus with activities as simple as playing dead, identifying people by their hands, and then casting a rock with something they wanted to give to God into the lake. After lunch, the group walked  around the boardwalk.  At Heartwood Pines park, they explored Pioneer Chapel, a cabin in the woods that had a glass cross worked into the wall.  This is where they ended their Sabbath in song and praise.

Everyone participated in games and clean up during the weekend.  Pastor Glassford said, “I really like being out in the Northern part of Michigan and seeing the stars, geese, and even a fox.”  He also said that “this [bible camp] was a good vintage because it is full of the unexpected, and that’s what makes it so fun.” As for the clean up, he said “that this was the first year that co-ed work teams were tried and that this year it all just sort of fell into place.”

Bible Camp provided an opportunity to hang out with friends in the snow and spend a special weekend with God. Despite the cold weather, hearts were warmed towards God and each other.


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