New Semester Brings New Teachers

Overstreet Introduces New Teachers

As a new semester begins, Principal Overstreet used the time at assembly on the first day back to introduce the newest members of the AA family. With Mrs. Banks gone, new teachers were hired in her place as well as some for brand new, separate classes.

One new face that might be more familiar to Ruth Murdoch alumni is Mrs. Baumgartner. Being an art teacher at RMES has given her the opportunity to establish friendships with some of the students that graduated from there. However, because she happens to teach only one class a day (in four days a week) across the lawn, she is easily allowed to teach ceramic classes over at Andrews Academy. Having taught middle school art for thirteen years, Mrs. Baumgartner is very excited about instructing students at the high school level.

“I can’t wait to inspire young people with wonderful, creative pottery projects!” she says.

With both of her children having attended and graduated from the Academy (Emile and Jonathon Pichot), Baumgartner already feels as though she is familiar with AA teachers and therefore jumped at the chance to become involved with the ceramics class.

While AA’s new ceramics teacher finds the students at AA friendly, students from her class were eager to share equally kind remarks.

“She’s very creative, and she inspires me,” said Kristen Proctor, a freshmen in her ceramics class.

Mrs. Baumgartner hopes to become very familiar and develop close relationships with her students. “I want to be a real part of the AA family…it’s not going to be easy since I work two other places every day!” she said.

Just down the hall there is another new member to this family.

Mrs.Younker is the new clothing and foods teacher.  She says she is most looking forward to this year is teaching her classes new health techniques.

“So far, I’m having a great experience getting to know my students,” Yonker remarked.  “They all have such positive attitudes.”

Other than being in the classroon,  Younker also loves to bake, cook, and sew.  She loves spending time with her four children and her cats.  She is looking forward to a great year here at AA,  “I think I have the most fun class in the school,” says Mrs. Yonker.

Although not entirely new to Andrews Academy, Mr. Williams is taking on new roles as he progresses from his student teaching position. Originally from San Diego, California, Williams started working at AA as a student teacher for Pastor Glassford first semester.

With the loss of Mrs. Banks the previous semester, and Mr. Williams’ student teaching reqirements behind him, he has taken on several new roles at AA that include teaching health, teaching a P.E. class, and helping custodian Lynette Quinty with many of her duties.

His favorite class to teach so far is P.E. and even though it is early in the year, he is looking forward to it for the rest of the sememster. As for health, he says that he was not entirely familiar with how Mrs. Banks used to run her class but he is going to do his best to make it fun in his own particular style.

When asked how his experience in student teaching differs from what he’s experienced as a teacher thus far, Mr. Williams said: “There is a lot more responsibility and I have more classes that I am teaching.” Although he may have more responsibility placed upon him this semester, his BA in Religion and Emphasis in Secondary Education should come in handy and make him a welcome and productive part of the teaching staff for the spring semester.

With all of these new people contributing to the halls of AA, it seems to be a big difference for just another semester. Hopefully, however, these new faces will soon become a part of the greater part of the AA family.

(Contributors: Amante Gonzalez, Nia Ammeson, Victoria Curtis) 

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