BCS Blowout in New Orleans

Although heralded as the 'Game of the Decade,' LSU vs. Alabama was a bitter disappointment.

It was called the match up of the century – a clash of the titans. The number one and number two college teams in the nation – LSU and Alabama – were supposed to have a hard-fought battle for the coveted BCS Championship title. However, this is the exact opposite of what happened in New Orleans on January 9th.

Throughout the 2011 season, LSU more than earned their title of Number 1 in the nation with an undefeated season. Ironically, the closest game they had was in Tuscaloosa on November 5 against Alabama during which they scored a field goal at the last minute against the Crimson Tide in overtime, ending the game at 9-6. LSU went on to beat Georgia in the SEC Championship, and hopes were high for the BCS game, based on their performance throughout the season.

Recovering from the loss, Alabama’s Nick Saban got back on his feet and led the team to a record of 12-1, the second best season in the SEC. Saban, the former coach of LSU, has always been a formidable opponent. He has an eye for football, to say the least, as he seems to pick the runts of the NCAA, seeing some kind of potential in them, and brings them to glory – as was the case with last year’s 1st string QB, Greg McIlroy, and the 2007 senior 1st string QB at LSU, Matt Flynn.  Everyone in Baton Rouge was nervous about facing Saban and his team once again.

Two months went by and on January 9 LSU faced Alabama in the BCS National Championship. High hopes ended in disappointment. With a score of 21-0, the game was a blowout. LSU’s Defensive team performed far beyond what the Offense could pull off. Alabama’s defense has been called one of the best in the nation, and perhaps in history, and they showed it last night. LSU’s first string QB, Senior Jordan Jefferson, seemed to crack under pressure and achieved a mere 90 yards for the offense throughout the entire game, not getting past the 50 yard line until late in the game. Alabama’s special teams struggled, missing a few field goals and scoring 5, with one of the missed goals being batted down by LSU’s Michael Brockers. Late in the 4th quarter, Alabama’s Trent Richardson broke through LSU defense and scored a touchdown bringing the score to the final score of 21-0.

To be fair, LSU did not play like the Number 1 undefeated team in the nation. However, Alabama showed that they did. Nick Saban and his team pulled off something LSU could not defeat, and that is to be commended. However, if LSU’s Offense had been up to par, the outcome would have been much closer.

In the aftermath of a tragic defeat, fans have been arguing about coach Les Miles’ decision not to play LSU’s second string, Jarrett Lee. They have also turned on Jordan Jefferson, blaming him for the loss.

Early in the season, Jordan Jefferson was suspended for a fight and Jarrett Lee was forced to lead the team through 6 games. These games however were not “big” and Jordan Jefferson came back in time to face our rivals in the bigger games of the season. Later on, Miles decided to play him in the game against Alabama during regular season, and he nearly cost us the game due to interceptions. And that’s why he did not see the field for the rest of the season and during the BCS game.  Lee is a wild card. He cannot be depended upon, and Jefferson delivered where Lee could not. Lee is not a quarterback – perhaps a receiver, but not a quarterback. It is not Miles’ fault, or the offensive and defensive coordinators’, or Lee’s, or even Jefferson’s fault.

If you are an LSU fan, give Alabama and Saban what they deserve – they played a better game, and that is why they are now champions. LSU pulled off a 13-0 season, which is more than any other team did. With the 2012 season approaching next fall, all teams will be losing valuable players to the NFL, including LSU’s Jordan Jefferson. College football is always exciting as new blood brings new hope, and there is always another chance for LSU in the BCS Championship. With this game, the SEC has proven that they are the dominant conference in the nation. Let’s wait and see what next year holds.

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    Well said, Cooper. Well said.

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