How to Survive Winter in Michigan

Slippery roads and higher speeds can lead to an accident.

This week we received our first big snowfall, which has accumulated due to the cold temperatures as of late. With the snow comes ice, and with ice, Michigan drivers suddenly forget all they have learned throughout the years about driving during winter. For those of you who drive, here are some helpful tips and ideas in order for you to stay safe on the roads:

1. Invest in snow tires. Snow tires are specially designed to grip the road even with ice and give your vehicle more stability on the road. Even if you don’t have enough cash for them, it’s a good idea to save up- unless you intend on practicing on the race track during the winter, your snow tires will be able to be used for years ahead. Investing in snow tires can prevent damage to your vehicle and potentially prevent harm to yourself or to someone else.

2. Drive carefully. Let me make this clear- this does not mean driving five miles an hour on a 25 MPH road. When driving, you should be careful about stopping too quickly, taking too sharp of turns, and going too fast- the posted speed limit usually will do you well, unless the visibility is low due to high volumes of snow, in which case you should drive slower than normal and make sure your headlights are on so other drivers can see you.

3. Keep supplies in your vehicle. In case of an emergency, it is good to have some sort of food, bottled water, tow straps, a small snow shovel, and salt/sand in your trunk in case you are stuck or see someone who needs help.

4. Wash your vehicle regularly. Because of the high volume of salt used by the various road commissions across the state, your vehicle can rust much more quickly than normal. Try to wash the snow and salt off of your vehicle at least once a week in order to protect your vehicle from rust.

The important thing to remember here is that driving can be dangerous, even more so during the winter months. Taking these measures in order to keep yourself safe is well worth the trouble.


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