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Senior vs. School Basketball Game

This past Tuesday, January 31, the seniors brought the class of 2012 a victory. The boys’ game was filled with amazing passes and shots. Lead shooter for the first half on the senior team was A.J. Poole, scoring 15 of the 23 points. On the school team, lead scorer Jordan Mondak made 4 of the 14 points that the school team received in the first half. In the second half the school’s lead switched to Brandon Vondorpowski who made 9 of the 23 points, giving them a total of 37 at the end of the game. During the second half the points changed from Poole to Jeremy Faehner who made 6 of the 22 points, giving the seniors a total of 45 points and claiming the win, 45 to 37.

The girls game was altogether different in the sense that there weren’t that many senior girls playing. The team was made up of 1 senior, 4 juniors, and 1 sophomore, making it a somewhat school vs. upperclass-women game. In the first half the school girls only managed to make 6 points across the board, but in the second half Lydia Applewhite and Casey Drew both made 2 points giving them 4 points in the second half. This gave the school girls a total of 10 points in the whole game. Lead scorer throughout the whole game was senior Aushyna Kerr making a total of 14 points though out the whole game. The upperclass-women won the game with a total of 34 points winning the game 34 to 14. I tip my hat to the girls, both the upperclass-women and the school girls, because they played hard even though people left. All in all the both games were very exciting and all participants played their hearts out.

iPads as Textbooks?

Apple recently released software for the iPad on which you can purchase textbooks for classes, including ones like the current Biology book, for around 10 dollars. Would you invest in something like that for class? What do you think?

Ice cream, Ice skates, Fruitcakes, Golf balls, and God

Classes meet to ice skate at the Howard arena before going to their class vespers.

The last class vespers was January 27. Prior to the vespers, the students enjoyed ice skating at the Howard ice skating rink in Saint Joseph.  Following the skating activity, the Seniors and Juniors had combined vespers, as did the Freshmen and Sophomores. Approximately 75 students participated.

While at the John and Dee Dee Howard Rink, smiling faces were not hard to find. Bonds were made, along with bruises.  Although some were more advanced skaters, there was no hesitation to try to help others skate, even if they were just about as unskilled as the person they were trying to help.

Sarah Johnston said, “I enjoy ice skating because it makes me feel like I’m flying.” John Henri Rorabeck remarked, “Ice skating was a pretty slick idea,” and Mr. Reichert observed, “Skating is fun, because people of all ages can skate together and have fun.”

At 5:35 the buses were loaded and the students went their separate ways. The Freshmen/Sophomores went to the Gonzalez’s house and the Juniors/Seniors went to the Rorabeck’s  house. Both groups had supper at their hosts’ homes.

The Freshmen/ Sophomores enjoyed a small sermonette by Joy Ngugi, while the Juniors/ Seniors listened to a brief talk by John Henri Rorabeck.  Both groups watched DVD sermons by Loui Giglio.The Freshmen/ Sophomores watched one about “If the Earth was the Size of a Golf ball” and the Juniors/Seniors watched “Fruitcake and Ice cream”.

Melody Collins stated, “Vespers was cool because I got to see a lightning rock and I’ve never seen one of those before.”

Kaitlyn Hart said, ” I like having joint vespers more than having class vespers.”

Ms. Chao declared, “Joint vespers is fun, and I think we should do something like this more than once a year.”

Question:  What do ice skates, golf balls, fruit cake, ice cream and God add up to?  Answer:  A lot of fun!

Rumors: iPad 3 in February?

The much anticipated iPad 3 has already sparked numerous rumors, but some of the most recent – and more accurate rumors – indicate that it may debut in February with a full launch in March. All the Apple fanboys, rejoice! With such an early launch, we can all fall into debt sooner, and, for the rest of us that can’t afford to be in debt, we can still drool.

iPad 3 Concept

The iPad 3 will look like the iPad 2, pictured above, but the redesigned insides will be a game changer.

Various sources of information suggest that this iPad will be slightly thicker. However, the 1mm difference will be undetectable. The slight increase in thickness, however insignificant it may seem, allows for Apple to completely rearrange the internal parts.  The base concept and design of the iPad 2 will not change.

The iPad 3 is, in essence, an “iPad 2S,” much like the recently released iPhone 4S.  Here’s what will be going on in the inside, according to the rumors: Full HD Retina Display, Quad Core Processor, improved camera and battery, and the newest, most unexpected feature, 4G LTE.  What does all of this mean?  It means a faster, more feature-packed iPad that will allow users to browse the web at lightning fast speeds from anywhere.

With the new and improved battery life and quad core processor, the new iPad can easily handle the immense power requirements of 4G LTE. Supplier shipment lists indicate that 4G LTE parts are being shipped to Apple already, so there’s a good possibility that we’ll see 4G LTE functionality in the new iPad. The screen is said to be amazing, and very well might have more pixels than an HDTV. This will allow for stunning graphics in games and other programs.

Hopefully, we will see the iPad 3 in February, but until then, we can manage to wait patiently – like a four-year-old waits patiently for Christmas.

Andrews Academy Students Chill out with God

Sixty-six students left school at about 1:30P.M. on January 19, for Bible camp at Camp Au Sable. The bus ride up was full of laughter, sleeping, card games, singing and anticipation of  the time at camp.

Once they arrived at camp, the girls dispersed  to their rooms under the auditorium, while the guys stowed their stuff in the lobby and cafe areas, awaiting their ride to the Fort.

Although Mrs. Butler gave a talk the first night about how precious we are to God, the main speaker for the weekend was Pastor Goetz. He talked about the Cross and the Road to Emmaus and used each stanza of the theme song “How Deep The Father’s Love for Us” as the topic of his talks.

After the guys and girls wished each other good night Thursday night, they soon realized that they were not actually going to bed, but they were in fact going to break out  sessions. The girls went into the auditorium and listened to a song called “I Stand in Awe of You,” followed by tea in the cafeteria. Breanna Wood said “What I enjoyed the most about camp was the connection you get with the people there.” While the girls were in the auditorium the guys went out to the fort and made fires and had snowball fights. Ben VanderWaal said, “Staying in the fort was some good male bonding.” John Henri Rorabeck said  that he “loved sleeping in the fort with everyone. Cavan gave us all cups of  joe.”

With guys and girls dedicated to specific tasks as part of the experience, the girls made communion bread, made boxes, and wrote cards of encouragement to the guys and to each other throughout their Friday afternoon. The guys, preferring an outdoor task, made a fire ring on the ice with seats made of snow (but due to the fact that the hole they dug in the ice never froze over, it was never used) and hosted a special breakfast for everyone on Sunday morning.

The highlight Friday night was communion in the auditorium.  The group followed the communion service with a walk to a little church in the woods, where they continued the worship experience with singing. When they returned to the auditorium, Pastor Glassford talked more about Passover and how it was celebrated during Jesus’ time. He then burned the leftover bread in the fire.

Sabbath School consisted of a drama, Bible study, and Bible trivia. Church was led by Pastor  Goetz who told of the Road to Emmaus. The campers took their own road to Emmaus with activities as simple as playing dead, identifying people by their hands, and then casting a rock with something they wanted to give to God into the lake. After lunch, the group walked  around the boardwalk.  At Heartwood Pines park, they explored Pioneer Chapel, a cabin in the woods that had a glass cross worked into the wall.  This is where they ended their Sabbath in song and praise.

Everyone participated in games and clean up during the weekend.  Pastor Glassford said, “I really like being out in the Northern part of Michigan and seeing the stars, geese, and even a fox.”  He also said that “this [bible camp] was a good vintage because it is full of the unexpected, and that’s what makes it so fun.” As for the clean up, he said “that this was the first year that co-ed work teams were tried and that this year it all just sort of fell into place.”

Bible Camp provided an opportunity to hang out with friends in the snow and spend a special weekend with God. Despite the cold weather, hearts were warmed towards God and each other.


Congress Tables SOPA, For Now

In lieu of a recent bill proposed by congress, a number of major websites shut down for 24 hours on Wednesday, January 18. This blackout brought about a number of petitions, some of which were sponsored by major websites such as Google. Our voices have been heard- SOPA has been postponed.

The proposed legislation, Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, would give the U.S. Government and the Department of Justice the power to cut offending websites off from the internet- that is, it would prevent search engines, payment facilities, and internet providers from giving you access to the offending websites, and make streaming from the website, or other websites, a crime punishable with up to five years in prison for ten or more violations within six months.

The websites that shut down for a day include Reddit, Wikipedia, and other popular sites. Websites that have protested include Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, eBay, and AOL. Many supporters advocate that the bill will help increase music and movie sales due to the lack of ability to download the materials for free. Dissenters argue that the bill gives the federal government too much power to infringe on constitutional rights.

With websites like Wikipedia protesting, the issue warrants a closer look. As of late, an increasing number of people have been turning away from services like iTunes and Amazon for music and turn to sites that offer torrents, which is basically people sharing their files so that other people can download copies of them, and so on. The bill, SOPA, would stop this altogether, making it downright dangerous to even own torrented files. Any website that would offer streaming or something like torrents would be shut down, cut off from the internet, and anyone found using the website would be subject to the penalizations brought about by this bill.

Readers may be wondering, “How does this affect me? I’ve never done anything like this.” Even if you have never used a service like BitTorrent, a torrent client, before, SOPA can still greatly impact your freedom online. Generally, infringements start with bills like SOPA. The Department of Justice and the government, if the legislation is passed, will have more power to control information like never before. It infringes on freedom of speech. I believe that eventually, letting the government run unchecked, they may start to combine the SOPA and the Patriot Act – that is, they will start, if they haven’t already, to monitor your online activity in the name of national defense. Let me make one thing clear- I am not a conspiracy theorist. I do not believe that the government has it in for us or that they want to watch and sensor everything. I do believe, however, something like this may come to pass, if the government is allowed to continue to run unchecked.

The internet’s plea has been heard- for now, at least, Congress has tabled SOPA and PIPA.

The reason Wikipedia shut down is to bring the issue to the light. They have accomplished their goal. The legislation warrants further research – look into it for yourself.

Top 5 AA New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of 2012, Andrews Academy students want to kick off the year right.  Doing so naturally involves making a New Year’s resolution.  Here are the Top 5 AA resolutions:

1) Exercise more

It seems everyone wants to start off their year with a more healthy state of mind and body.

2) Become closer to God

I guess everybody realizes that to truly have a successful year they have to include God.

3) Limit fast food intake

Try and spend more time eating healthier foods, instead of food that can damage your body.

4) Waste less time on the Internet

Countless hours wasted on the Internet can be used for more important things – like relationship.

5) To be more social

Keep your eyes open!  You may be making a new friend this semester.

New Semester Brings New Teachers

Overstreet Introduces New Teachers

As a new semester begins, Principal Overstreet used the time at assembly on the first day back to introduce the newest members of the AA family. With Mrs. Banks gone, new teachers were hired in her place as well as some for brand new, separate classes.

One new face that might be more familiar to Ruth Murdoch alumni is Mrs. Baumgartner. Being an art teacher at RMES has given her the opportunity to establish friendships with some of the students that graduated from there. However, because she happens to teach only one class a day (in four days a week) across the lawn, she is easily allowed to teach ceramic classes over at Andrews Academy. Having taught middle school art for thirteen years, Mrs. Baumgartner is very excited about instructing students at the high school level.

“I can’t wait to inspire young people with wonderful, creative pottery projects!” she says.

With both of her children having attended and graduated from the Academy (Emile and Jonathon Pichot), Baumgartner already feels as though she is familiar with AA teachers and therefore jumped at the chance to become involved with the ceramics class.

While AA’s new ceramics teacher finds the students at AA friendly, students from her class were eager to share equally kind remarks.

“She’s very creative, and she inspires me,” said Kristen Proctor, a freshmen in her ceramics class.

Mrs. Baumgartner hopes to become very familiar and develop close relationships with her students. “I want to be a real part of the AA family…it’s not going to be easy since I work two other places every day!” she said.

Just down the hall there is another new member to this family.

Mrs.Younker is the new clothing and foods teacher.  She says she is most looking forward to this year is teaching her classes new health techniques.

“So far, I’m having a great experience getting to know my students,” Yonker remarked.  “They all have such positive attitudes.”

Other than being in the classroon,  Younker also loves to bake, cook, and sew.  She loves spending time with her four children and her cats.  She is looking forward to a great year here at AA,  “I think I have the most fun class in the school,” says Mrs. Yonker.

Although not entirely new to Andrews Academy, Mr. Williams is taking on new roles as he progresses from his student teaching position. Originally from San Diego, California, Williams started working at AA as a student teacher for Pastor Glassford first semester.

With the loss of Mrs. Banks the previous semester, and Mr. Williams’ student teaching reqirements behind him, he has taken on several new roles at AA that include teaching health, teaching a P.E. class, and helping custodian Lynette Quinty with many of her duties.

His favorite class to teach so far is P.E. and even though it is early in the year, he is looking forward to it for the rest of the sememster. As for health, he says that he was not entirely familiar with how Mrs. Banks used to run her class but he is going to do his best to make it fun in his own particular style.

When asked how his experience in student teaching differs from what he’s experienced as a teacher thus far, Mr. Williams said: “There is a lot more responsibility and I have more classes that I am teaching.” Although he may have more responsibility placed upon him this semester, his BA in Religion and Emphasis in Secondary Education should come in handy and make him a welcome and productive part of the teaching staff for the spring semester.

With all of these new people contributing to the halls of AA, it seems to be a big difference for just another semester. Hopefully, however, these new faces will soon become a part of the greater part of the AA family.

(Contributors: Amante Gonzalez, Nia Ammeson, Victoria Curtis) 

BCS Blowout in New Orleans

Although heralded as the 'Game of the Decade,' LSU vs. Alabama was a bitter disappointment.

It was called the match up of the century – a clash of the titans. The number one and number two college teams in the nation – LSU and Alabama – were supposed to have a hard-fought battle for the coveted BCS Championship title. However, this is the exact opposite of what happened in New Orleans on January 9th.

Throughout the 2011 season, LSU more than earned their title of Number 1 in the nation with an undefeated season. Ironically, the closest game they had was in Tuscaloosa on November 5 against Alabama during which they scored a field goal at the last minute against the Crimson Tide in overtime, ending the game at 9-6. LSU went on to beat Georgia in the SEC Championship, and hopes were high for the BCS game, based on their performance throughout the season.

Recovering from the loss, Alabama’s Nick Saban got back on his feet and led the team to a record of 12-1, the second best season in the SEC. Saban, the former coach of LSU, has always been a formidable opponent. He has an eye for football, to say the least, as he seems to pick the runts of the NCAA, seeing some kind of potential in them, and brings them to glory – as was the case with last year’s 1st string QB, Greg McIlroy, and the 2007 senior 1st string QB at LSU, Matt Flynn.  Everyone in Baton Rouge was nervous about facing Saban and his team once again.

Two months went by and on January 9 LSU faced Alabama in the BCS National Championship. High hopes ended in disappointment. With a score of 21-0, the game was a blowout. LSU’s Defensive team performed far beyond what the Offense could pull off. Alabama’s defense has been called one of the best in the nation, and perhaps in history, and they showed it last night. LSU’s first string QB, Senior Jordan Jefferson, seemed to crack under pressure and achieved a mere 90 yards for the offense throughout the entire game, not getting past the 50 yard line until late in the game. Alabama’s special teams struggled, missing a few field goals and scoring 5, with one of the missed goals being batted down by LSU’s Michael Brockers. Late in the 4th quarter, Alabama’s Trent Richardson broke through LSU defense and scored a touchdown bringing the score to the final score of 21-0.

To be fair, LSU did not play like the Number 1 undefeated team in the nation. However, Alabama showed that they did. Nick Saban and his team pulled off something LSU could not defeat, and that is to be commended. However, if LSU’s Offense had been up to par, the outcome would have been much closer.

In the aftermath of a tragic defeat, fans have been arguing about coach Les Miles’ decision not to play LSU’s second string, Jarrett Lee. They have also turned on Jordan Jefferson, blaming him for the loss.

Early in the season, Jordan Jefferson was suspended for a fight and Jarrett Lee was forced to lead the team through 6 games. These games however were not “big” and Jordan Jefferson came back in time to face our rivals in the bigger games of the season. Later on, Miles decided to play him in the game against Alabama during regular season, and he nearly cost us the game due to interceptions. And that’s why he did not see the field for the rest of the season and during the BCS game.  Lee is a wild card. He cannot be depended upon, and Jefferson delivered where Lee could not. Lee is not a quarterback – perhaps a receiver, but not a quarterback. It is not Miles’ fault, or the offensive and defensive coordinators’, or Lee’s, or even Jefferson’s fault.

If you are an LSU fan, give Alabama and Saban what they deserve – they played a better game, and that is why they are now champions. LSU pulled off a 13-0 season, which is more than any other team did. With the 2012 season approaching next fall, all teams will be losing valuable players to the NFL, including LSU’s Jordan Jefferson. College football is always exciting as new blood brings new hope, and there is always another chance for LSU in the BCS Championship. With this game, the SEC has proven that they are the dominant conference in the nation. Let’s wait and see what next year holds.

How to Survive Winter in Michigan

Slippery roads and higher speeds can lead to an accident.

This week we received our first big snowfall, which has accumulated due to the cold temperatures as of late. With the snow comes ice, and with ice, Michigan drivers suddenly forget all they have learned throughout the years about driving during winter. For those of you who drive, here are some helpful tips and ideas in order for you to stay safe on the roads:

1. Invest in snow tires. Snow tires are specially designed to grip the road even with ice and give your vehicle more stability on the road. Even if you don’t have enough cash for them, it’s a good idea to save up- unless you intend on practicing on the race track during the winter, your snow tires will be able to be used for years ahead. Investing in snow tires can prevent damage to your vehicle and potentially prevent harm to yourself or to someone else.

2. Drive carefully. Let me make this clear- this does not mean driving five miles an hour on a 25 MPH road. When driving, you should be careful about stopping too quickly, taking too sharp of turns, and going too fast- the posted speed limit usually will do you well, unless the visibility is low due to high volumes of snow, in which case you should drive slower than normal and make sure your headlights are on so other drivers can see you.

3. Keep supplies in your vehicle. In case of an emergency, it is good to have some sort of food, bottled water, tow straps, a small snow shovel, and salt/sand in your trunk in case you are stuck or see someone who needs help.

4. Wash your vehicle regularly. Because of the high volume of salt used by the various road commissions across the state, your vehicle can rust much more quickly than normal. Try to wash the snow and salt off of your vehicle at least once a week in order to protect your vehicle from rust.

The important thing to remember here is that driving can be dangerous, even more so during the winter months. Taking these measures in order to keep yourself safe is well worth the trouble.


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