How to Spend Your Winter Break

It’s said that idle hands are the devil’s workshop and with this much spare time coming up for students at Andrews Academy, that could become a major problem.

While the temptation to spend the cold free days in bed or in front of the television is strong, there are a lot more activities available this vacation that involve more movement than changing the channel on your remote.

Though some students may not have the next few weeks completely off – for work or other reasons – not having school does free up some time to spend as they choose.

Unfortunately, this year hasn’t invited much snow on the ground and has therefore stunted some of the more popular winter activities such as sledding, skiing or snowboarding. But that may change over the break. In which case, if you’re a winter sports enthusiast, the amount of free time would be put to great use hauling out those skis, inviting a few friends, and hitting the slopes.

For those of us who are less talented on anything but regular shoes, there’s plenty of opportunity to spend the time with friends and family – that is, if you’re not already dragged half-way across the country to spend time with family and only family for the holidays.

You could drive over to a friend’s (careful of those roads!) and spend the day with them helping them wrap gifts, watching Christmas movies or just hanging out next to a fire.

And while you may have a major break right now, many parents may have to work over the break. You could help them out by finishing decorating for the holidays or just cleaning up a bit to make it more relaxing for them to come home to.

But really, who are we kidding?

We all know how teenagers spend their time off: the internet and/or sleeping. No article will change that.

But just remember to savor your vacation – school will once again rear its ugly head come January 3.

So AA students, have fun, stay safe, and Merry Christmas!


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  1. Mrs. Rorabeck says:

    Well written article, Victoria! I dragged my kids (and some of their friends) to Dearborn,MI to a museum; to Chicago, IL to a museum; to the Magnificent Mile in Chicago to go SHOPPING; and we even had to go to a funeral in Ann Arbor, MI. The highlight of our break came Dec. 31, when we hosted the party for New Year’s Eve, and 66 people were at our house. Lots of fun and games. Hope you had fun, too!
    Mrs. Rorabeck

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